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Caption Competition


Win a €/£25 free bet with Boylesports by giving us a laugh in our weekly caption competition. The subject of this week’s competition is Man City and Man Utd managers Roberto Mancini and Alex Ferguson…


Congratulations to Colin Webb on winning last week’s competition, enjoy your free £/€25 bet at

“I have a good feeling im gonna be burning rubber tonight”

For your chance to win a £/€25 bet, just submit a caption through the comment box below and we’ll choose the best entry on March 30th.


The competition winner will have £/€25 deposited into their account. If you are not a registered customer, contact our Customer Services Team at == == and they will assist you with registration. The deposit must be used for wagering purposes.

*Terms and Conditions Apply:
The free bet prize cannot be withdrawn from your account.
The winning prize must be claimed within 14 days.
The free bet can only be deposited into the account name which has been used to enter the competition, otherwise the entry is invalid.
Only one entry per person is valid.
Boylesports reserves the right to end this competition at any time.
Those found to be abusing the promotion/competition will be disqualified from future entry.

45 Responses to “Caption Competition”

  1. avatar Tony Fearon says:

    Sorry Alex! My scarf and the title are both in the bag!

  2. avatar Alan martin says:

    Alex handing the title to Mancini as former man utd kid looks on

  3. avatar Paul Burke says:

    Fergie ” That horses head in my bed wasn’t funny Roberto… My wife gets upset about things like that.. ”

    Roberto ” Wait until you see what happens to Rooney’s Mini “.

  4. avatar David O' Connor says:

    I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with “Guess” on it…so I said “Implants?”

  5. avatar Neil Renton says:

    The end of season Premier League party got a bit awkward when it came to the final dance of the night.

  6. avatar colin webb says:

    further proof that you will never win anything with KIDD,S

  7. avatar Kelly Stewart says:

    Fergie laughs of Roberto’s rendition of “Don’t look back in anger”

  8. avatar Richie Stewart says:

    Kidd walks off in a huff at Roberto’s choice of partner in preparation for entering Strictly Come Dancing.

  9. After a quick Nose fight,Fergie proves he`s still top of the Pecking order.

  10. avatar Aidan says:

    With backpack on Mancini bids farewell to Fergie, City and the Premier League title!!!

  11. avatar Con says:

    After all is said and done both of these top managers will stay UNITED

  12. avatar ANDREW ROSS says:

    Youv’e certainly got six appeal Sir Alex!

  13. avatar Jim Walsh says:

    Ferguson: Still think you’re favourites to win the league
    Mancini: You got to be kidding me.

  14. avatar Sherrillie says:

    “Come come Roberto & Brian, welcome to the Theatre of Dreams and prepare for us to write the usual script where we end up champions”

  15. avatar Phil Perkins says:

    Sir Alex “Congratulations on your fine achievement ….. to finish runner up in the Premier League is one mighty fine effort”

  16. avatar Patrick O'Donnell says:

    Alex” roberto how much did you pay for your team, Paul Scholes out of retirement, league won haha see you next season maybe brian kidd next and win another league

  17. avatar david draper says:


  18. avatar Sava says:

    Don’t squeeze too much

  19. avatar Paul Sullivan says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson mindf**ks Roberto Mancini…!

  20. avatar Enda McKiernan says:

    I don’t want to stoke the fire but Roberto is just being a crouch after realising the title is ours.

    Alex Ferguson.
    2:30am 25/03/12

  21. avatar sue purdy says:

    Mancni is thinking ” I would LOVE IT if we could beat them, LOVE IT!!!

  22. avatar anthony begley says:

    alex saying here manchini i give u a loan of a trophy so u can say u won 1

  23. Liam Neeson terrifies Brian Kidd during the filming of ‘The Grey 2: Wolves Away’.

  24. avatar colleen reidy says:

    “Don’t worry,Roberto. If you don’t win the title, I can always get you a wee job up in Glasgow, managing Rangers”

  25. avatar Conor McAuliffe says:

    Alex ”What a Friend” you are, hope you don’t fall at the first fence too

  26. avatar karen ross says:

    you have got to be kidding alex!

  27. avatar steven o hara says:

    What you mean squeaky bum time ? u must be kidding. Please Mr Alex take Tevez back, he showa me no respect!

  28. avatar martina white says:

    sir alex say”s how”d you get your hair to bounce like that
    Roberto Mancini said well i banged your wife and used your head and shoulders baldy!!

  29. avatar Darren Hensley says:

    Is your backside squeaking as much as mine Alex? Another 8 games and i reckon my hair will be as grey as yours!

  30. avatar Mark O'Connor says:

    Fergie Bamboozles Roberto:

    ” Aye, Robertae! hae ye seen th’ new fancy celebrations these wee jimmies de noo? left hain in, left hain it. it’s hoo ye say, ”ridicolo” ”

  31. avatar Lee D says:

    The annual meeting of the Carlos Tevez appreciation society takes place

  32. avatar jimmy cottrell says:

    well done alex…u trained carlos extremly well in the art of making enemies!!!

  33. avatar eddie hogan says:

    Alex: kiss me you beatiful man… Roberto: u smell of whiskey you horrible old git.

  34. avatar james d says:

    fergie just saying thanks for the title and dont worry that he will find another job “somewhere just not in football”

  35. avatar Jim says:

    smile for the cameras Fergie, cause come the end of the season i’ll be on top of u!!! ah ah first i mean.

  36. fergie: we’ll get you’s next time roberto!
    mancini: hahaha keep dreaming fergie,we’re gonna put you all over the 6-1 news again!

  37. avatar Borko says:

    Roberto:I’ve been good catholic but old protestant did it again.

  38. avatar Max Well says:

    ‘i say to patrick,stir them up, not cause a war!’-mancini
    ‘patrick who?’-fergie

  39. avatar mark england says:

    Alex Ferguson is saying “I hear your looking for a hair dryer”

  40. avatar Rich says:

    Mancini – ” Right then Sir Alex, let’s go and get Ballotellied!!”

  41. Can i get get boom boom pow Fergie? ….Course ya can Roberto, cause u aint the getting the title :P lol

  42. avatar dave jones says:

    Just to let you know Roberto, Ballotelli packed your parachute and Tevez checked it over, you’ll be fine trust me !

  43. avatar Jim Ryan says:

    Mancini to Fergie: ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici

  44. avatar Henry says:

    Dont mind Brian, he’s only kiddin!

  45. Man City to win the premiership you’re Kidd-ing me.

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