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Caption Competition


Win a €/£25 free bet with Boylesports by giving us a laugh in our weekly caption competition. The subject of this week’s competition is Tiger Woods…


Congratulations to Declan Fanning on winning last week’s competition, enjoy your free £/€25 bet at

“Liam Neeson terrifies Brian Kidd during the filming of ‘The Grey 2: Wolves Away’.”

For your chance to win a £/€25 bet, just submit a caption through the comment box below and we’ll choose the best entry on April 6th.


The competition winner will have £/€25 deposited into their account. If you are not a registered customer, contact our Customer Services Team at == == and they will assist you with registration. The deposit must be used for wagering purposes.

*Terms and Conditions Apply:
The free bet prize cannot be withdrawn from your account.
The winning prize must be claimed within 14 days.
The free bet can only be deposited into the account name which has been used to enter the competition, otherwise the entry is invalid.
Only one entry per person is valid.
Boylesports reserves the right to end this competition at any time.
Those found to be abusing the promotion/competition will be disqualified from future entry.

30 Responses to “Caption Competition”

  1. avatar David O' Connor says:

    Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

  2. “If Tiger keeps hitting his balls like that.he`ll end up with tears in his eyes.”

  3. avatar Paul Burke says:

    Tiger’s lucky yellow pants had simply become too tight.

  4. avatar Neil says:

    Tiger wished he hadn’t gone to the seance when the spirits started getting violent.

  5. avatar ANDREW ROSS says:

    Look’s like my trouser snake is at it again!

  6. avatar Phil Perkins says:

    Tiger meets his latest conquest’s partner on the 19th resulting in Tiger’s balls being adjudged unplayable.

  7. avatar colleen reidy says:

    The worldsoon realised just how much Tiger’s game had gone off the boil when he drove off with the club upside down

  8. avatar Paul Whitty says:

    Tiger shudders as he thinks he spots his ex wife in the gallery!

  9. avatar terry says:


  10. avatar colin webb says:

    anyone know where i can get a 69 ?

  11. avatar james dignan says:

    OUCH!!why did i ever teach my wife how to use a golf club?????

  12. avatar Richie Stewart says:

    Tiger struggles to contain his erection upon spotting a female official on the course!

  13. avatar Kelly Stewart says:

    Tiger strains to avoid embarrasment when he realises the outhouse is waaaay down the fairway!!

  14. avatar Brian Hampton says:

    Despite his best attempt at a michael jackson move, Tiger is slated for having the glove on the WRONG hand!

  15. avatar Sherrillie says:

    Rumours of a recent fallout with his caddie are confirmed as Tiger discovers the swine smeared superglue all over his ‘Big Bertha’

  16. While removing his big club to show off to the ladies he pauses near the head as it gets stuck in the zipper! OUCH !

  17. avatar mark says:

    is there noting he wont shag the golf clubs are getting it now!

  18. avatar Conor Mc says:

    Tigers ball went into the tree,
    He suddenly needed to wee,
    He looked ahead.
    And around the bend,
    But couldn’t stop his pee.

  19. avatar Macke says:

    Cmon Cmon Cmon….i need to wee wee!

  20. avatar Dave W says:


  21. avatar DEREK FAY says:

    !oh…that elin has a hard swing..

  22. avatar anthonybegley says:

    tiger woods saying to himself thats it no more hookers think im getting STD

  23. avatar Aidan says:

    Tiger has just spotted a bit of rough that he doesn’t mind driving his balls into!!

  24. avatar karen ross says:

    I’m a gonner here!

  25. avatar Keith says:

    In this weeks episode of Quantum Leap,Sam leaps into the body of a golfer struggling with divorce,caddie and golf swing issues and tries to help him win his first major in 4 years.

  26. avatar Justin Corbally says:

    No birdie’s for Tiger any time soon!!!

  27. avatar mark england says:

    After forgetting to take his daily sex drive suppressant, Tiger realises that it’s an inappropriate time to produce his ’5 wood’

  28. avatar Jim Walsh says:

    Where’s that bloody fire hydrant?

  29. avatar Lee D says:

    Woods ahas discovered something much more painful than divorce, loss of form and losing millions in alimony…Cystitis!!!

  30. Tiger’s desperate not to water the course.

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