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Who ever named the SUPER bowl…


There’s been a steady plummet in earnings this month for me and no matter how hard I try to get a decent winner, it just ain’t happening.

The aptly named Super Bowl turned out to be not so ‘super’ for me, as my handicap bet on the New England Patriots failed miserably. Of course I stayed up to watch the carnage unfold and I’m afraid I have very little to say about the Patriots other than the fact that they were pretty pathetic. I don’t think Giselle (Tom Brady’s wife) was far wrong when she yelled at Giants fans who were riling her up, ‘He can’t catch the ball and throw it as well.’ It was a pretty drab game, bar the fourth quarter and my little Super Bowl party fizzled out like Pat Kenny’s love life did in the 80’s.

I’m looking forward to next year’s NFL season and will be pretty bored on Sunday nights, now that there’s not going to be a host of games to punt on. I’m glad in hindsight that I so adamantly opposed Green Bay for much of the season, as I know a lot of my friends are down a lot of money because of Aaron Rodgers failure to turn up against the Giants.

After last weekend, I’ve started to consider to bet on games which use round balls only, with my losing bet on New England being compounded by a losing handicap bet on the Ireland to beat Wales in the Six Nations. What is it about Wales that the Irish find so difficult to overcome, lack of balls maybe? And I’m not talking about the egg shaped ones on the field.

Despite Wales missing some crucial players in key areas, they once again commanded much of the game against Ireland and made the men in green battle for every single inch they gained. I was surprised by the lack of passion in the green shirt last week, something which you could never accuse Declan Kidney’s lads of in previous campaigns. I suppose I should put a lot of the blame for this catastrophic bet on myself, as the stats for the handicap win of that point margin didn’t realty add up and I was pretty surprised to hear many pundits question the fact that Ireland were match favourites in the pre-match build-up.

On the plus side, France picked up a win straight away in the Six Nations and my outright bet on Les Bleus still goes strong! Although, I can’t really say that their win was emphatic, with Italy holding a great portion of the ball for much of the game. There’s a very, very slim chance of Ireland causing an upset in Paris at the weekend and I expect France to collect another win on the road to a Grand Slam year. Of course I have only backed them for the Championship win, so I’m thinking 4 wins from 5 should be enough to pick up the title considering the current competition’s performances.

With last week’s misfortune or poor judgement put behind me, I’m moving on to a fresh slate this week with a couple of mid-sized bets. What’s that saying about fool me once… fool me twice?! Well that probably applies to me, as I go for a decent size bet on Man United (10/11) to beat Liverpool at Old Trafford this weekend. You’ll probably remember that not long ago, I lost a little pot of cash when Man United failed to beat Liverpool in the FA Cup but I do think that Fergie’s lads can do the business this weekend. Last week’s second half comeback was characteristic of Alex Ferguson’s sides and I think that was a big psychological boost for the Red Devils going into this weekend’s game.

I feel that omitting Wayne Rooney out of the team against Liverpool at Anfield was a tactical mistake by Alex Ferguson but I guess a Premier League trophy means a lot more to the Scottish manager than FA Cup gold. Funnily enough, I thought Man United were very unlucky to find themselves 3-0 down against Chelsea and many have suggested that this wasn’t a true reflection of the first half.

I read a stat the other day that said that Liverpool had the worst scoring/chance ratio in the league, which basically means they couldn’t finish their dinner but of course having Luis Suarez back into the team will do no harm. I noticed the price on Man United fluctuating quite a lot over the last couple of days and the 10/11 which I got on has now long disappeared, so I’m quite happy with that. I could do with a decent win over the bookies this weekend and that means this bet and a couple of smaller ones must come in! Fingers crossed!

Elsewhere on the sportsbook, I think Quel Esprit looks decent for the Hennessy Gold Cup at Leopardstown. I’ve never been much of a punter for the horses but a couple my friends of greater knowledge say he’s a decent bet for the race, so I’m going with their tips for this one. He does stand out in terms of quality in that field, so I’d be surprised if he didn’t come close. At 11/10 with most bookies there’s a little bit of value to be had, so watch out for him on Sunday.

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