BoyleSports Sees Surge In Irish Lottery Bets

Since the National Lottery increased the number of balls in the Irish Lottery up to 47 from 45 and increased the price to play, BoyleSports can report a massive surge in punters playing the Irish Lottery in their shops nationwide.

Bookmakers’ odds are a lot bigger if the punter wins and many Lottery players have seen this since the increase and have started playing in their local betting shops.

For example, a punter can pick three numbers and place €1 on them for the three draws – costing €3 in total – and if their selected three numbers are drawn they win €331. If they had three numbers in the Irish Lottery they would only win between €10 and €15 depending on the amount of winners.

Our Lottery Bets were always a popular choice with our customers but since the increase to play the Irish Lottery seven weeks ago we can report a surge of 25% in our Irish Lottery Bets.

We have seen many punters turn small stakes into big dividends throughout the year from their Lottery numbers with the lottery bets proving extremely with our female punters.