Mayo Punter Receives €18,000 Instead Of €60.00!

It wasn’t your average Tuesday night for one particular punter in Co. Mayo as their lucky Lotto bets scooped them an incredible €18,052.

The customer placed a 0.50 cent accumulator on the four numbers, 10, 22, 37 and 49 to be drawn in the EuroMillions draw. All four of their numbers were drawn defying odds of 33,000/1 and saw an initial return of €16,500.50.

Their luck didn’t stop there as they also had two 0.50 cent trebles that returned €750.50 each. The first treble was on the numbers 10, 22 and 37 with the second treble on the numbers 22, 37 and 49.

Finally the Heather County native had a 0.50 cent double on the numbers 22 and 37 which returned €50.50 and brought their total winnings up to a staggering €18,052.

Our customer would have walked away with just €60 had they chosen to do their numbers in their local newsagents.

We at BoyleSports want to congratulate them and wish them the very best with their winnings!

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