Denmark Are Not A Good Side

Republic of Ireland’s last two games have been disappointing overall, particularly the Georgia performance away from home.

Qualifier Woes
We have to be quite frank about it and say that Georgia are a very average team and in certain spells we actually made them look quite good. They carried no threat throughout the game and I don’t recall Darren Randolph having to make a save for 90 minutes.

It wasn’t until Switzerland scored a goal against us on Tuesday night that the players started to show a bit of spark within them. Across those two games, the chances we created were very limited. I didn’t see anyone prepared to take a risk. I know Aaron Connolly had two efforts at goal when he came on against Georgia but really, that was it.

Turnaround For Boys in Green?
We’ve got a long way to go to get a performance against Denmark. Although, as I’ve said many times and I still stand by it one hundred per cent, yes they are slightly better than us, but I don’t think they’re a good side.

Given the support we’re going to get at the Aviva next month, I genuinely believe that there is a real chance we can beat Denmark.

Euro 2020 Favourites
I think the most impressive out of all the teams I’ve seen in the Euro 2020 qualifiers is definitely Belgium. They have been so consistent; they’ve taken their consistency on from the World Cup in Russia.

France have been hit and miss but have the best squad.

Spain are a side that are up and coming. There’s a lot of inexperienced players within their squad so we’ll see how they develop.

You can look at England and say they have a chance, given what’s happened to them in qualification but I certainly don’t think, particularly in midfield, that England have the calibre of players to control a game like Belgium and France. So for me, either Belgium or France will win Euro 2020.