Dublin Punter Lands €11,302 For A €2 Lottery Bet

We’ve taken another hit on the Lotto from another Dublin punter after they netted a whopping €11,302 for their €2 bet.

The customer placed a €1 accumulator on four numbers and a €1 bonus accumulator on the same four numbers in the Lotto Main Draw on Wednesday.

The winning numbers were 15, 19, 26 and 37 which returned €7,501 for the accumulator and an added €3,801 thanks to the bonus accumulator.

In total the Dublin native bagged €11,302 for a €2 stake, which would have returned just €52 had it been done with the National Lottery.

We would like to congratulate our customer on their €11,302 windfall and wish them happy spending!

This is the second large Lotto payout to come from Dublin in a matter of days with the first punter landing an amazing €17,251 for their €1 bet, seeing €28,553 won in the Capital on Lotto bets since Sunday.