Spare Me The Top 6 Bullshit Excuses

Chelsea and the two Manchester clubs.

That’s it.

The only three clubs – whether they are playing well, poorly or middling – that have completed the most basic requirement for a top four Premier League club.

They have the right numbers in place. An eleven beyond the first eleven that at least in theory, should injuries, suspensions and poor form strike, cover themselves to at least have the chance to remain consistent, competitive and to win more games than they lose.

Poch has tried to be too clever by having a very small squad.

Klopp has been too clever thinking he has all of the answers in the academy (developing players).

Arsene is Arsene, there’s no good factual reason to prove that in 20 years Arsenal have had enough cover.

So let’s be straight, honest and look at the reasons why.

First, context. The Premier League earns 8 billion from TV money and goodness knows how much for top four clubs who get into the Champions League, so spare me the “City, United, Chelsea pay the most wages and have sugar daddies “ crap.

For at least ten years the Premier League has simply blown every other league out of the water financially, so if you’ve been in that top six for long enough, your board have no excuses, the money has come in, and it’s been wasted on Carroll at Liverpool, Janssen, and the four musketeers who came in on the Bale money at Spurs, Di Maria at United, etc etc etc.

While Atletico Madrid dream of these sums on players being spent then sold “because we can AFFORD to be wasteful”, Premier League club fans are being brainwashed on a yearly basis.

“But Stan, those Oligarchs can outspend us, its not really fair!”

Diddums! And Leicester won the league, and Atletico Madrid are better than any English club on – and arguably off – the pitch and they don’t have a £300m training ground, won’t have the luxury of 60,000 seater stadia as revenue makers etc etc etc. In other words…

every English club fan of a top six club are making excuses.

At a time when there is more money in the league than ever, losing to Wolves at home, going 2-0 down to Wycombe, losing to Oxford and Lincoln (caveat to those teams are they themselves are playing tier two teams but rich tier two teams who again should have proper staffing over 22 positions AT LEAST), the magic of the FA Cup should be dead, there simply should be 22 players of top quality available to walk out against those lower league teams and blow them apart.

They really should. No romance, no “magic of the underdog”, there should be an equal quality player to Kane coming in on days like today, likewise Coutinho, like any club in the top four-six, arguably across the whole division if this is supposed to be one of the best not just the richest league in the world.

Today proved me right, and it makes me smile when Spurs or Liverpool fans or whoever tell me in September, October and after 18 games “I think Klopp/Poch know more than you Stan”.

I’m absolutely sure they do in regard of coaching a team to win games, but even the most rose-tinted fan can see that in this day and age where the money is so big, so great, so many stadia and marketing operations guarantee money dripping from every pore at clubs in the Premier League, the riches are being wasted in a gross and unacceptable manner.

If you can’t staff a top quality squad of 22 with the wages Premier League clubs can offer in 2017, and have been able to offer for TEN YEARS…

then I’m calling bullshit i’m afraid.

Liverpool, Spurs in particular but every Premier League club and a few in the Championship are making excuses.

The money is there, staff your squad of 22 properly or face criticism, whoever you are, whatever club you are.