Tottenham Fans In Danger Of Falling Head Over Heels For Jose

A Champions League final defeat and an abysmal start to the season, culminating in Mauricio Pochettino’s sacking has left Spurs fans heartbroken and confused.

As we all know, when you’re heartbroken you are at your most vulnerable.

Jose comes along, he says all the right things, flashes his medals in your face and promises you that he can deliver what no one else could.

Despite what their Chelsea & Man Utd supporting friends tell them, Spurs fans are in danger of falling head over heels for The Special/Humble One.

“We tried to tell them that he always does this. He’s charming and charismatic in the beginning but by the end he’s a monster and you regret ever getting involved with him” one Man Utd fan told us.

The charm offensive is in full swing, complimenting players, hugging ball boys, apologising for making early substitutions and it can be very hard to resist. After all he is everything they want right now.

Maybe he’s not Mister Right but he might just be Mister Right Now.