Funniest American “Soccer” Translations!

Team USA roll into Dublin for a friendly against Republic of Ireland tonight. For those who’ll be watching it on an American channel or with US chums, we’ve provided a handy translator with sample uses.

In the six = in the six-yard box, e.g. “Robbie Keane has spent most of his career in the six. In fact, he supported in the six as a little boy”.

Zero-zero = a nil-nil draw, e.g. “this has got zero-zero written all over it”.

Shut-out = a clean sheet, e.g. “Spud in Trainspotting is more likely to keep a clean sheet than Forde is”.

PK = penalty kick, e.g. “that was dispatched like a Gerrard PK”.

Out of bounds = out of play, e.g. “and that’s another Ireland pass that ends up aimlessly out of bounds”

On frame = shot on target, e.g. “is Gibson even capable of getting a shot on frame?”

Steal = tackle , e.g. “another last ditch steal from O’Shea saves Ireland”

Offence = attack, e.g. “Roy Keane will not discuss his alleged offence outside the team hotel…”

Cleats = boots, e.g. “Walters doesn’t seem to have his scoring cleats on tonight”

Ball carrier = a player that holds possession of the ball, e.g. “It’s a joke that Wes Hoolahan, the only ball carrier we have, didn’t get a game, Bill”

Timekeeper = referee, e.g. “the timekeeper’s a w**ker”

Field = pitch, e.g. “the field looks in shite after the rugby”.

Surprise bonus football = extra time, e.g. “well at least there won’t be any surprise bonus football tonight”.

Offsides = offside, e.g. “Keane comes back from yet another offsides position”.

Franchise = club, e.g. “Robbie Keane always supported the franchise since he was a little boy”.

Period = half, e.g. “it’s a game of two periods”.

Wall pass = one-two, e.g. “glorious play by Ireland there, it was all wall passes to feet”.

Winningest = most successful, e.g. “Jaysis, I’d welcome McCarthy back at this stage. He was the most winningest manager we’ve had since Charlton”.

Stopper = defender that marks the best scorer on opposing team, e.g. “you’d miss Richard Dunne as a stopper out there”.

DMF = defensive midfielder, e.g. “we still haven’t replaced Keane with a decent DMF”.

Pinnie = bib, e.g. “He’s wearing the “I had a Macedonia” pinnie in training today”.

Goaltender = goalkeeper, e.g. “we’ve never really replaced Given as goaltender”.

Banana kick = kick that gives the ball a curved trajectory,
Upper 90 = top corner, e.g. “McGeady dispatched a banana kick into the Upper 90 against Georgia”.

Riding pine = being on the substitute’s bench, e.g. “Pilkington will welcome a start tonight after riding pine in Glasgow”.

Offensive = attacking, e.g. “Thierry Henry’s the most offensive player I’ve ever seen against Ireland”.

In the wheelhouse = good spot to strike a ball, e.g. “at this stage, and at three-nil down, anywhere would be in the wheelhouse”.