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The Most Gruesome Injuries In Sport – Graphic Content!

It hasn’t been a week for the squeamish so far in the world of sport.

In Boston, UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione suffered this nasty bump below during his bout with Travis Browne. Mitrione claims the injury was the result of 2 pokes in the eye; regardless, the outcome is not pretty.


But if that’s not enough to gross you out, let’s test your stomach a little further with a countdown of 10 more of sport’s ugliest injuries. You may need a bucket…

10. Jamie Donaldson
The Welsh Ryder Cup hero took to Twitter this week to broadcast his unfortunate defeat to a chainsaw. The horrific result below has seen the 2013 Abu Dhabi Championship winner pull out of this week’s renewal, but it’s hard to see how he’ll be back on the tee anytime soon. Stick to swinging a club James.


9. Danny Mills
Nobody likes half a Twix, so here’s another finger. Danny Mills is an ex-England international with a strange record. He’s won 19 caps for England but never played for them at Wembley. But even more strange is the shape of his ring finger after an injury picked up during a Premier league game with Manchester United in 2004. Nice Daniel.


8. Luc Nilis
The first leg break to make the top 10. Belgian forward Luc Nilis suffered this gruesome fate in a clash with Ipswich goalkeeper Richard Wright in September 2000. It turned out to be the final nail in the career coffin for the ex PSV man. He retired 4 months later. How did his leg even get in that shape?


7. Rory MacDonald
The UFC fighter has denied reports that he didn’t know what year it was after his bout against Robbie Lawler last year in Las Vegas. But you couldn’t blame him for being confused. He was obviously still confused a month later when he said “I’m happy with the way it went.” He lost by the way.


6. Djibril Cisse
Lord of the Manor of Frodsham, a title acquired by the striker along with his £2m Chesire home, wears a very rare badge indeed; he’s broken both of his legs during his career. Less than 2 years after fracturing his left tibia and fibula during a Premier League game against Blackburn in 2004, Cisse’s World Cup 2006 plans were shattered along with his right tibia in a friendly against China. Ouch.


5. Wayne “Buck” Shelford
They say Rugby is a real man’s sport and this incident could be used as evidence. Kiwi number 8 Wayne Shelford suffered a blow to the groin region whilst involved in a ruck against France in 1986, resulting in a horrendous outcome – a severed scrotum. He had the balls to continue though, and a few stitches later he was back on the field. You’ll be glad to know there’s no picture of this one.


4. Evander Holyfield
Plenty have lost small fortunes, but imagine going to Vegas and losing an ear. Well, not all of it was lost, but a decent portion of Evander Holyfield’s right ear succumbed to a bite from Mike Tyson in the 3rd round of their 1997 bout, now known as The Bite Fight.


3. David Busst
Often remembered as one of the worst in football history, David Busst came off the worst in this collision with Denis Irwin and Brian McClair at Old Trafford in 1996. Blood had to be cleaned from the grass as Busst received treatment, and the scene was made even more ugly when goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel vomitted as he inspected the damage.


2. Rashad Johnson
Arizona Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson was involved in a clash with a New Orleans Saint during an NFL matchup in 2013. When he emerged, he removed his glove to find that his fingertip was still in it. “It probably wasn’t getting used for anything good, anyway,” said the stalwart a day later. The foam fingers worn by fans a week later were a great tribute. I think.

rashad johnson

1. Kevin Ware
This wins it. Louisville’s Kevin Ware needed more than a plaster to heal this wound he sustained on the basketball court in a game against Duke to 2013. Whilst lying injured he told his teammates that he was fine and ordered them to “just win the game.” What a soldier, and they obliged. God bless America.

Kevin Ware