James Favourite To Be Next West

Kim Kardashian has revealed that she is expecting a boy with husband Kanye West and we have made James the favourite to be the name of their second child.

The couple baptised their first child North West in the Cathedral of St. James in Armenia and they may wish to mark the special day by naming their son after the church, with James heading the betting at 6/1.

Kim and Kanye are both very religious and Kaapo is second in the betting which means God’s bravest man in Armenian. Omari is also a key contender for the couple’s second child’s name as it is Kanye’s middle name at 8/1.

Kanye is also nearing the top of the betting at 9/1 alongside Rob, which is Kim’s late father’s and brother’s name.

Kim may have stated that she will be steering clear of directional names for her second child, but South and East remain runners at 14/1 and 16/1 respectively. Also on offer at 16/1 are Kris, Kim’s mother’s and ex-husband’s name, alongside Noel. Belvedere, where the couple married, Forte di Belvedere, is priced at 20/1.

At 16/1 are Jonathan and Karter, while Jesus, Yeezus and Jay are all priced at 33/1. The names hogging the bottom of the betting are Fred at 50/1 with Ray, Adam and Selfie all at 80/1. Outsiders at 100/1 are Bruce, Kim’s stepfather’s name who now goes by Caitlyn, alongside Quest, Digest and Mello.