Jose, Let Your Squad Play With Freedom And Expression!

I’ve been at Old Trafford a lot during the season and the atmosphere hasn’t been great at all.

Downbeat United
This weekend in particular the atmosphere was extremely subdued and downbeat. It was one of those atmospheres where you actually think you’re looking at a side that’s not actually enjoying the football. The supporters aren’t enjoying it and it looked like the players aren’t enjoying it either.

Jose Mourinho would argue to the fact that they should have had a penalty. They missed a few really good chances especially with Ben Foster making great saves. Overall over the course of the 90 minutes it was pretty dreadful stuff to watch. There has to be a big shake-up within the squad. They have got the players and they proved it when they beat Man City last weekend.

They need to play with a bit more expression and a bit more freedom.

But as we know, throughout the course of Mourinho’s career, he has always been reluctant to allow his players to play with that sort of freedom.

Players like, Martial, Rashford, Lukaku, Sanchez are some of the best attacking players that will get in around some of the best sides in Europe yet they’re not allowed play with expression. There has to be a change in mentality going forward.

Champions can only get better
4/6 is a very short price for Man City to win the 2018/19 Premier League given that we still have the summer transfer window to get through first.

Sides like Man United and Liverpool will strengthen during the window so we might have a different outlook come August. Given the season Man City have had and how dominant they’ve been, I still think there will be many takers at that price and to be fair, Man City are only going to get better.

Benjamin Mendy has missed the course of the season and he’ll be coming back to make them even stronger. It’s going to take a serious challenge from Man United, Liverpool and Tottenham to get anywhere near Man City. To me, the best equipped side to take them on is Liverpool.

They’ve found a way to beat City, Virgil van Dijk has made them stronger and Naby Keita will be going into the side in the summer. These are all contributing factors in making them Man City’s nearest challengers.

Wolves Ay We!
Wolves have been a brilliant side to watch in the Championship all season. The players they have within the ranks would make you believe that they will genuinely hold their own in the Premier League next season.

Matt Doherty has been excellent the past couple of seasons and look at Ruben Neves! He is only 21 and has been outstanding. His goal last week was superb. Players like Helder Costa and Diogo Jota have been brilliant throughout the season. They will strengthen and there’s a lot of financial clout within the club now so watch this space!