Lucky Lotto Punters Toast Christmas Bonus

BoyleSports can report that Saturday night proved a balls up after three lucky Lotto punters netted a combined €131,049 between them.

The first customer from County Dublin placed their bet online and spent €1.50 in total. They placed a 0.50cent on the numbers 13-14-15-17-19 for all three draws and the numbers were drawn from the Lotto Plus 1 Draw defying the odds of 125,000/1 and netting them a cool €62,500.

The second big hit came from a County Tipperary customer after they placed €1 on the numbers 5-8-9-10-15 and €1 on the numbers 5-8-9-10 in the Lotto Main Draw. They beat odds of 40,000/1 for five numbers from seven to be drawn, and 3,800/1 for four numbers, netting them a combined €43,802.


If things weren’t bad enough a third customer from Dublin City Centre netted €24,747 after their numbers 15-17-23-47 were drawn from six numbers in the Lotto Plus 2 Draw that saw them defy the odds of 7,500/1.

The mega payouts are proof that small stakes can reap big dividends and will no doubt be toasted by the happy customers as the festive season approaches.