Lucky Punters Bag Timely Lotto Loot

BoyleSports’ Lotto punters are on a roll in the run up to Christmas with not one but two large payouts.

The latest big wins come from Counties Cavan and Dublin across the EuroMillions and Lotto Plus draws.

The Cavan punter’s bet consisted of the four numbers 10, 15, 25 and 40 and had a tiny amount of 50cent staked. All four numbers were drawn in Friday’s EuroMillions draw.

They defied the monumental odds of 33,000/1 and returned a staggering €16,500.50.

The second customer staked €20 on the three numbers 10, 18 and 32 on Saturday’s Lotto Plus 1 draw. Defying odds of 625/1 the numbers were drawn and bagged the Dubliner a total of €12,520.

We wish both customers happy spending with their winnings and want to congratulate them on the timely windfalls.