Niall Horan Going His Own Direction?

We’ve suspended betting on who will be the next member to leave One Direction after another large bet was placed in one of our Westmeath shops on Niall Horan at 3/1 on Monday morning.

Niall Horan had been the subject of a gamble over the weekend with numerous bets placed on him in the Midlands at 8/1 to leave the band.

We then suspended betting on the market at 11:30am this morning after a bet of €500 at 3/1 was placed in the same shop.

If Niall is the next member to leave One Direction, One Thing for sure is that we are in for a battering of a five figure amount from cagey punters across the Midlands. One Way or Another the sell by date on One Direction looks set to expire sooner rather than later judging by the support for Niall to leave over the past few days.


*Prices correct at time of publication