RIP X Factor – A Strictly Takeover

Reality TV season is back! Time to get the onesies out, the fridge stocked with wine and hide those weighing scales, cause you can’t watch without a takeaway and you don’t need that negativity in your life; after all winter is coming.


X Factor is two weeks in and airs every Saturday and Sunday. A new judging panel and a new format were introduced to spice things up in a show that is, let’s face it, on its last legs.

The first weekend of the X Factor brought in the WORST ratings in over TEN years.

7.1 million tuned in on Saturday’s launch with figures dropping to 5.9 million for Sunday’s follow up show; that’s down 2 million on last year, which at the time was branded the worst series for ratings.

The Strictly Come Dancing launch is always a drawn out affair with it focusing on the celebrities finding out their professional partners in a pre-recorded show, meaning we already know days in advance who is paired up with who. This didn’t deter fans from tuning in however and they clocked up an average of 8.7 million viewers beating the X Factor’s third instalment by one million.

Not only did Strictly win round one of the ratings war, but they are up on 2014’s launch night figures making it the most viewed launch in the history of the show. If they can do that on the opening night with minimal dancing, the figures are only going to grow especially with the prospect of seeing Daniel O’Donnell getting gyrated upon by Strictly siren Kristina Rihanoff.


Let’s address the new X Factor judges, Rita and Nick. Not only has ITV’s producers plan to spark some rivalry between Rita and Cheryl backfired, but it has resulted in this fake BFF act that consists of forced ‘banter’ and loving glances between the two that is just sickening.

Nick Grimshaw has filled Louis Walsh’s boots nicely; he is just like Louis in that he doesn’t really do much, dances awkwardly, looks at the rest of the judges to see what to do and comes out with generic over used comments. In fact he has even used Louis’ ‘You look like a popstar, sound like a popstar’ quote, I mean come on Nick!


There is no spark that makes it interesting, no hold your breath moment as you wait for a judge to tear strips of an act like the good old days and no uncontrollable fits of laughter.


With talks of bringing back Louis Walsh and Louis Tomlinson set to make an appearance in a desperate attempt to boost ratings coupled with controversy surrounding the acts that make it to judges’ houses, it was revealed that 22 of the 24 acts that make it to judges houses have been sourced by producers. It seems X Factor is trying too hard to bring the show back to its heyday and sparks concerns, or joy to some, that this will be its final year.

Strictly is already demolishing X Factor in the ratings war and it isn’t at the live shows yet, so it looks like it is going to be more like a massacre than a war and no amount of guest judges and performers can save it.

RIP X Factor.