Rocket Ronnie’s Best Snooker Moments

The madcap genius of Ronnie O’Sullivan always comes into focus more than any other time around the World Snooker Championships.

Yesterday’s antics saw O’Sullivan playing in his socks before swapping his shoes with the tournament director as they were causing him a bit of bother.

The game’s greatest player, famed for his lightning-quick potting, is never far away from some sort of controversy so we’ve put together his best and most madcap moments.

Grand Prix, Aberdeen – taking the mickey

At the Grand Prix in Aberdeen against Michael Holt, Ronnie, already out of sight in points, misses a yellow to end the break. Instead of calling the frame, Holt plays on much to O’Sullivan’s amusement. Hilarity ensures.

2009 World Championships – Hurry Up!

Sometimes Ronnie can be just too quick and impatient for his own good. When he gets in that mood, it spells trouble for the refs as this one found out to his cost.

Ref Needs To Go To Specsavers

In a tense World Championship match against Mark Selby, the referee calls a touching ball after Ronnie plays a safety. Much to O’Sullivan’s disgust, he doesn’t hold back on what he thinks of the ref.

Mugging Off Peter Ebdon

In a match vs the ultra-slow Peter Ebdon, Ronnie started to lose patience as Edbon dallied and dithered over every shot. After missing a relatively simple red, O’Sullivan gives the former the type of look you reserve for your worst enemy who’s just made an embarrassing mistake.

Left-handed Controversy

One of O’Sullivan’s earliest examples of courting controversy was against Alain Robidoux. At the end of a frame-winning break, Ronnie switches to his left hand – generally seen as disrespecting an opponent. It didn’t go down very well with the snooker traditionalists.

That 147

Still the quickest maximum ever recorded, O’Sullivan managed a 147 in just 5 minutes and 20 seconds at the 1997 World Championships. Still one of the most incredible moments in sporting history.