Royally Rumbled – Kate and Will To Welcome Twins?

It seems some are more in the know than others surrounding the second Royal pregnancy. After reporting just two days ago that Boylesports had to slash the odds on Will and Kate having twins into 10/1 from 25/1, the market has now been suspended – maybe indefinitely.

After floods of money began rolling in for Baby George to share the limelight with not one but two siblings, Boylesports traders were quick to react, shortening the price. However that did not stop punters as they continued to back Royal Twins and Boylesports had to cut the price once more into 7/1. After realising something was amiss, the market was quickly suspended and may not be opened again.

There wasn’t a lot of interest in Kate and William to have twins when the market was initially opened but on Monday, after a flood of money, our traders felt something strange was afoot.

Just two days later, after cutting the price already, it seems there are some insiders with a lot more knowledge than ourselves, hence us having to suspend the market as it looks like the Duke and Duchess are in for double delight.rory