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Trixie Bet

What is a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie Bet is a three-way selection that creates four bets of equal value. To collect the maximum amount, all your selections must come in.


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Trixie Betting is possible across a number of sports, but is most popular in horse racing bets. This is because it’s a form of hedge betting to improve the probability of a winning selection, in a similar way to a Patent Bet.

If you’re wondering how does a Trixie Bet work, the amount you win depends on how many of your selections are successful and the odds of each leg. The minimum you need for a winning bet is for two selections to win, meaning one of your doubles pays out.

In order to collect the maximum amount, all your selections must come in. This means all three doubles pay out, as well as the treble.

How do you make a Trixie Bet?

To make a Trixie Bet, you first need to pick three selections for your chosen sport.

Taking horse racing as an example, this means choosing three horses in three different races. Simply add your picks to your betslip as usual, then enter your stake into the Trixie option.

You’ll see this appears as Trixie (x4), because you’re staking a total of four bets – a treble and three doubles. This means your total stake will be four times the number you enter into the Trixie box.

Bet 1 – Horse 1 and Horse 2 double

Bet 2 – Horse 1 and Horse 3 double

Bet 3 – Horse 2 and Horse 3 double

Bet 4 – Horse 1, 2 and 3 treble

A standard Trixie Bet is win only, so in racing the horse you pick has to win their race. You can also choose an each way Trixie though, meaning your bet can still win if your horse places.

If you select your Trixie as an each way bet, there’s a total of eight selections. This means your total stake will be eight times the amount you choose to wager on each leg of your Trixie.

Although the stake is higher, the total maximum winnings of a successful each way Trixie are higher than a win only bet. You also gain an extra layer of protection should one of your horses fail to win their race.

How do you calculate a Trixie Bet?

To calculate the total odds of a Trixie Bet, you need to combine the odds from each of the individual selections within the bet.

In a win only Trixie Bet, this means combining the odds from your three doubles and treble. Sticking with our horse racing example, you can use these calculations to work out each leg of your Trixie:

Double bet = Horse 1 odds x Horse 2 odds

Treble bet = Horse 1 odds x Horse 2 odds x Horse 3 odds

You can then add together the odds from your three doubles to the treble for your total odds. When calculating potential returns, you need to add in your stake. For ease, let’s say all three of your horses have odds of 2/1 and you’re staking £10 on each leg of your Trixie Bet.

Double bet – £10 x (2/1 + 1) x (2/1 + 1) = Total return £90 / Total profit £80

Treble bet – £10 x (2/1 + 1) x (2/1 + 1) x (2/1 + 1) = Total return £270 / Total profit £260

In order to work out your total return and profit for your Trixie Bet, simply add your three doubles to your treble. This gives you a total stake of £40, with a return of £540 and profit of £500.

Although the equations are relatively simple, they can get complex very quickly once you start throwing in different odds. To save time, you can use a Trixie calculator to do the work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie Bet improves the probability of a winning bet over a typical accumulator. Only two of your three selections need to come in for you to turn a profit, improving your chances of a return. This is even more so if you choose an each-way Trixie Bet. As a form of hedge betting, Trixie Betting is particularly useful when picking selections with relatively high odds – especially when selecting the each way option.

What are the disadvantages of a Trixie Bet?

The main disadvantage of a Trixie Bet is that it offers lower odds than a straight accumulator. However, the enhanced probability of a winning bet is what makes Trixie Betting so attractive. The fact that you are effectively making four separate bets may also be considered a drawback. This is because if at least two of your selections fail to win, you’re effectively losing four bets rather than one.

In what sports can you make a Trixie Bet?

Trixie Betting is available across a lot of different sports, but is most common in horse racing. This is because Trixie Bets offer the potential for high profits through relatively low stakes. They also provide a safety net compared to accumulator bets, where losing one selection means your entire bet loses. This is not the case with a Trixie Bet.

How many bets are there in a Trixie Bet?

A Trixie Bet has four bets in total – one treble and three doubles. In order to make a winning Trixie Bet, only one of your doubles needs to come in. To win the maximum amount from a Trixie Bet, all three of your doubles need to come in, which will in turn mean your treble is also successful. Using a Trixie calculator is the easiest way to work out the returns from a Trixie Bet.

What are double and treble bets?

Double and treble bets are combination bets where each of your selections must come in. A double consists of two selections and a treble of three. In order to win your bet, both legs of a double must be successful, and all three legs of a treble. One leg letting you down results in a losing bet, which is why combination bets such as Trixie Bets are popular.

What is a Union Jack Trixie Bet?

A Union Jack Trixie Bet is made up of nine selections that give you 32 individual bets. It’s named after the Union Jack because you make your picks on a 3×3 grid that resembles the UK flag. Each slot on the grid is usually designated by a letter or number that you apply your selections to. Union Jack Trixie Bets consist of eight Trixie Bets, which give you eight trebles and 24 doubles.