View From The Terraces – R2 Thursday Review

History has a habit of repeating itself and last night at Shelbourne Park wasn’t much different than the previous week as punters…

…dragged their souls through the debris of poor results in the opening session of the second round of the Irish Derby.

After the winning introduction of a potential star in an earlier race, the Pat Buckley kennel supported Kippers Usain (5/2-6/4) as if defeat was out of the question in the opener and after a protracted battle with Kilara Hey Mac the former grittily stayed on to land the gamble, loosening the larynx of many on the stands.

Terraces 1 Bookmaker 0.

Limerick Derby trial stake winner Ballyana Foxtrot (5/1-3/1) quickly responded to her fellow county based winner Kipper Usain by demolishing her opposition to land the second heat in 29.39. Fifteen minutes later Buckley delivered again as Paradise Maverik (5/1) overhauled Laughil Blake (6/4-4/5) in the closing stages of a thriller to land the Buckley/Limerick treble.

Doon based handler Pat Buckley described Limerick hurlers as bad travellers but after the opening heats of last night’s Derby might I suggest the hurlers get a lift to Dublin with the greyhounds in future.

Much to the delight of bookmakers, UK entrant Farley Rio (Previously trained by Pat Buckley yawn….) led close home to land the fourth heat in a messy contest while fellow UK handled Holdem Spy (7/4) failed to fancy passing Hawaii Kinsale (4/1) in the fifth.

Punters Lost Bookmakers Waving…

Red jacketed winners Fordeflag (20/1) and Kisses For Cloda (4/1) were the final nails in the coffin for punters and there was now no way back.

Score – Bookmakers TKO …

However like last week the final heat of the evening was expected to send punters home with momentum but Laughil Bolt (15/8-Evs) fell out of traps and Metro Jack (11/8-3/1) led close home for the Peter Cronin kennel.

Less said the better… Bookmakers will take the lead into Saturday’s heats as punters aim to regroup but with another fast track on the horizon the strategy on the terraces might change…If you learn from defeat you haven’t really lost. See You Saturday.