It Wasn’t A Phonecall I Was Expecting To Get

It wasn’t a phonecall I was expecting to get.

I had sat on Sizing John on Thursday morning and I just wasn’t happy that he was moving great. Jessica got the vet in to check him out but I was still surprised when the phone rang. The vet found a slight fracture to his pelvis.

It’s a huge boost when you have a Gold Cup winner in the yard and Martina and Ashley who look after him every day are as heartbroken as everybody else.

It’s very unfortunate but he’s in the right hands. He’ll be scanned again in two weeks’ time to see how he’s progressing. I’d imagine it’s unlikely that he’ll run again this season.

He’s only 8-years old and I’m sure he’ll be back to try and regain his crown next year.


It’s massively disappointing because he had been going so well in the buildup to the Gold Cup. Unfortunately the biggest losers in the whole situation are the Potts family because Jessica and I still have a big hand in the Gold Cup with Our Duke.

Our Duke is my mount now in the Gold Cup and he definitely has a big chance as well so we’re extremely lucky in that regard.

Supasundae is completing his final bits of work and he’s in fantastic form. I couldn’t be happier with him. I don’t think he’s ever been working as well as he is at the moment.

The only worry I have with him is if the ground turns soft. Hopefully the Gods will be smiling on us and the rain will stay away.