Wenger’s Innovations Benefited Every Premier League Player

I think the timing of the Arsene Wenger retirement news is very fitting.

It will be even more fitting if they win the Europa League and he leaves the club on a high with Champions League football to look forward to next season.

He has undoubtedly had a great career although some Arsenal fans would argue that he has stayed on too long, a view I would subscribe to myself.
I think now that the end is in sight, we all need to remember that this man changed English football.

The ideas and innovations Wenger brought with him, from coaching methods to dietary education, benefitted every Premier League player of that era, including me…

…as the rest of the English game had to adapt to keep up.

In my opinion his greatest achievement over his 22 year tenure will always be The Invincibles of 03/04.

Being the only Premier League side to ever go through a season unbeaten would be enough to go down in history but to do it playing the style of football they did was something else.

They were a hard team to play against, tough as nails, but they also played some exhilarating football. Will it ever be achieved in the Premier League again? Very doubtful.