The Worst Kits Of The Decade

As we approach the end of the decade it’s good to look back at the good and the great moments of the past 10 years.

But it’s also important to look back at the bad too. So in that spirit we present the worst football kits of the past 10 years.

Derby County Home Kit 2013/14
This one is very hard to explain. It looks less like a Derby County jersey and more like a shirt which just happens to have a ram on it. It could be kit that would be saved if the sponsor wasn’t on it. Or maybe not.

Liverpool Away Kit 2013/14
Several of Warrior’s Liverpool efforts could have made the list. We’ve gone for the white away shirt with the part Magic Eye part Space Invaders bottom half. It gives people nightmares and not just because this was the shirt worn at Selhurst Park that night. The 3-3 night. When they were 3 up? Yeah that one.

Man City Third Kit 2019/20
Puma are in their first season with Manchester City and let’s just say the jury is still out. Their home shirt is fine at best but what is this? A Solero? One of those fizzy sweets that isn’t very fizzy?


Hearts Away 2016/17
Speaking of kits that look like disgusting sweets. Hearts away kit from 2016/17 had noble intentions, honouring a former President of the SFA named Archibald Primrose with a Primrose Yellow and Pink but can anyone feel honoured by this?

Club Deportivo Palencia Balompié 2016/17CdKit
“I don’t want a Rock DJ”. There’s not much can be said about this kit other than what this perfect headline says:

1860 Munich 2010 & 2018
So we’ve decided that both of these 1860 Munich kits deserve to be on the list. One is supposed to be a celebration of the club’s 150 year history and the other is a celebration of Oktoberfest. It felt wrong to separate them, they belong together. If there was a separate list that included the worst shorts of the decade/century/of all time? Those Oktoberfest shorts would be right up there.