£15,000 Bet Sees Clinton Shorten

US Presidential Election Winner

Outright Betting

One online UK punter certainly believes that there will be only one outcome of the US Presidential election, placing a £15,000 bet on Hillary Clinton to win the election and become the first female President.

As a result, we’ve been forced to harden Hillary Clinton further into 1/6 to win the US Presidential race after the UK customer staked £15,000 at 2/9 on Tuesday morning.

Donald Trump, who remains the worst loser in the book for us, has been eased further out to 4/1 from 10/3.

It’s then 66/1 about Mike Pence with Paul Ryan priced at 100/1 and Senator Bernie Sanders priced at 125/1. Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein remain the outsiders at 250/1 and 750/1 to cause a shock upset.

*Prices correct at time of publication