2014 All-Ireland SFC Championship – GAA Betting Odds

For the last decade Dublin, without deserving it, have been ridiculously under-priced to win the All-Ireland.

Now, however, they have a side that fits the hype about the Boys in Blue. They have the players in abundance, and in Jim Gavin they’ve a manager cooler than Chris O’Dowd. In a tight game they have an energised battalion of stars to spring to close it out. Backing Dublin at even money though…I’d feel less guilty recommending Bertie for beatification.

Cork at 6/1 lead the challengers given they enjoyed an eight point lead against the Dubs at half-time in their league semi-final. They played some scintillating football in that half though the second 35 collapse was worrying. Dublin’s strength and conditioning looked miles ahead of their Cork opponent. That will have delivered a wake-up call and given Cuthbert time to gear up for the summer. He should study Kerry’s clash with Dublin in the 2013 semi-final to see how the Kingdom disrupted the Cluxton kick-out. If they can do that then Goulding, Horgan, Colm O’Neill and Paul Kerrigan can provide the goods.

‘Mayo, God help us’ goes the cry. They look like supermen and then All-Ireland final day releases Kryptonite into the atmosphere. They were poor in last year’s final, some of the sideline calls were baffling, yet they only lost by one eventually. Pat Spillane’s comment that Aidan O Shea needs to start asking why he went missing in last year’s semi-final and final rather than pass heed of the SG analysis is ironically correct-Aidan should pass heed of that SG analyst. If Alan Freeman is left inside and his confidence is solid, Mayo can threaten again. They have the size and pace to match the Dubs. However, media focus on managerial bust-ups, banquet non-attendance, and Gavin Duffy’s call-up pose questions over James Horan’s state of mind. 6/1 is tempting though on a side that have contested the last two finals.

When is the last time Kerry were double digits to lift Sam? 12/1 is a price you’d only imagine getting about them if they were out. Again, Kerry were close to doing the Dubs last year until tired legs succumbed to the Dubs free running. Goochless, it’s hard to make a strong case for the Kingdom. James O’Donoghue is unbelievable but Kerry don’t look equipped to do it this year.

Tyrone look big at 14/1. They have the pace and forward power to trouble any side but their midfield has been a weak point. If Conor Clarke can cut it there they have class inside in Coney and McCurry, while the versatile Mattie Donnelly can produce almost anywhere on the pitch.

Of the rest, Monaghan are interesting at 25/1. They have a powerful, committed side that could upset anyone on their day. However, the Conor McManus injury places a major question mark over them.

Dublin are harder to get away from than an old auntie’s kiss, but the price is way too short. Yes, they’re the likely winners but an injury to Cluxton, Connolly or MDM would ask major questions of them. Mayo could do them, though probably not in a final. Cork at 6’s may just be a year too soon for many of their side, so we return again to Mayo. At half the odds each way if they make the final, a small stake ew on Mayo looks a solid bet. If there’s a big outsider to enjoy a Qualifier run, Laois at 200/1 could get the blood heated up for a while.
Mayo e/w @ 6/1