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2022 FIFA World Cup Kits Reimagined

The 2022 World Cup is nearly here! Whilst players and coaches get ready for the tournament, we decided to restyle some FIFA World Cup kits.

The latest kits for the tournament have just been released. Nike, adidas, Puma and Marathon have all recently dropped their offerings.

But what if we changed things up a little? With too many kits once again feeling like carbon copies of each other – just with different colours and badges (we see you Nike) – what if we took more inspiration from the national identity of each nation? Surely then we’d step away from commercialised football kits and once again find something iconic? So, with that in mind these are our World Cup football kits reimagined.


England FIFA World Cup Kit Reimagined

Whilst England’s current kit for the World Cup has the classic white shirt plus dark and laser blue detailing on the shoulders, our reimagined version takes St. George’s cross as real inspiration. The overall white shirt remains but with a red cross featuring prominently in homage to the nation’s flag. After all, the only time England won the World Cup in 1966, it was all about those red shirts.

And instead of the Three Lions on the badge, pride of place is given to that most important of landmarks, Big Ben.


France FIFA World Cup Kit Reimagined

Gone is the block coloured blue for France’s 2022 World Cup kit, to be replaced by the famous red, white and blue tricolour flag. The vertical stripes are a new one for France, although this reimagined kit is closer to the strip worn by the World Cup winning team in 1998. Also gone is the cockerel from the badge, to be replaced by the Eiffel Tower. Oui!

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Brazil FIFA World Cup Kit Reimagined

Brazil first turned out in their canarinho (canary) jersey for the first time in 1954, replacing their all-white shirt with something closer to the national flag. Whilst Neymar and company will be turning out in the classic jersey made famous by Pele, Zico, Ronaldo and Romario in Qatar, here we take it a step further with a design even closer to the national flag. And what a badge too.


Australia FIFA World Cup Kit Reimagined

Green and gold was first incorporated into the Socceroos’ kit in 1924 and will again be worn in Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. The colours have been Australia’s sporting colours since the late 1800s and are also featured on the Australian coat of arms. Our re-imagined kit takes inspiration from Australia’s flag and association with Britain, with a touch of Union Jack detailing but not forgetting those stars. The Sydney Opera House makes for a fitting badge too.


Germany FIFA World Cup Kit Reimagined

Who could forget the classic Germany kits from the 1990 and 1994 World Cups? Despite the predominantly white shirts, the standout design was all about the way the black, red and gold from the country’s flag was incorporated. Whilst the design for this year’s World Cup uses the classic white with bold black detailing, our reimagined version is all about the black, red and gold. And what a shirt it is – 90s eat your heart out.


Wales FIFA World Cup Kit Reimagined

Wales have qualified for only their second World Cup, the first being in 1958. Whilst The Dragons will be wearing the classic all red shirts this time out just as they did 64 years ago, how would it look if they turned out in something a little more dragon inspired? Just like this, if you ask our opinion. And who could resist switching the badge up like this too?


Japan FIFA World Cup Kit Reimagined

Japan played in their first World Cup in 1998 and have been an ever-present in every tournament since. They were also co-host in 2002. And each time they’ve worn blue – earning the squad its Samurai Blue nickname – as they’ll do in Qatar 2022. Our re-imagined kit keeps a nod to the favoured colour of samurai warriors but takes its inspiration from the sun just as the country’s flag does – most notably featuring the red circle in the centre symbolising the sun.


Spain FIFA World Cup Kit Reimagined

Spain have been playing in all red shirts since their first ever international match in 1920, and whilst yellow has occasionally appeared as detailing on the red home and white away shirts, it’s never featured prominently. Until now. Our reimagined kit steps away from the red that Spain will wear in 2022 and takes inspiration from the national colours, with vertical lines paying homage to that classic flag.

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The Magic Of The FIFA World Cup

We all remember watching the World Cup as kids. The goals, the players, the hair, the boots and most importantly, the kits. World Cup kits from years gone by were iconic and will always be remembered by football fans the world over. From England in 1966 and Germany in 1994 to Pele’s Brazil in 1970 and Argentina in 1986. Everyone has their favourites, and they still manage to stoke up emotions in all of us.

We wanted to bring that emotion back. To move away from the cookie cutter kits we keep seeing for every modern World Cup and tap back into the national identity of each nation. We think our reimagined World Cup kits do just that.

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