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2024 All-Ireland Football Odds & Betting Favourites

In this post I take a look at the 2024 All-Ireland Football odds, betting favourites and analyse the chances of the top teams.

2024 All-Ireland Football Odds

2024 All-Ireland Football Betting Odds
Team Odds Chance
Kerry 2/1 33.3%
Dublin 11/4 26.7%
Derry 15/2 11.8%
Mayo 15/2 11.8%
Galway 8/1 11.1%
Donegal 16/1 5.9%
Tyrone 16/1 5.9%
Armagh 25/1 3.8%
Cork 33/1 2.9%
Kildare 40/1 2.4%
Down 50/1 2%
Meath 50/1 2%
Monaghan 50/1 2%
Roscommon 50/1 2%
Cavan 100/1 1%
Louth 250/1 0.4%
Offaly 250/1 0.4%
Westmeath 250/1 0.4%
Sligo 500/1 0.2%
Bar 1000/1 0.1%

2024 All-Ireland Football Betting Favourites

Kerry – All-Ireland Favourites

The 2024 All-Ireland Football favourites are Kerry at odds of 2/1. Those odds imply that Kerry have a 33.3% chance of winning the 2024 All-Ireland Football Championship.

The Kingdom come into this season having finished runners-up in the 2023 All-Ireland after losing to Dublin in the final.

If we’re to be critical of Kerry’s Championship campaign last year (and I will be), they didn’t impress on their route to the All-Ireland Final apart from their performance in the second half of their Quarter-Final against Tyrone.

You could argue that it’s a sign of a good team to not play your best and still reach the All-Ireland Final. While that’s fair, I would be concerned about Kerry’s Championship (and league) performances last year.

Despite those question marks, The Kingdom are undoubtedly a top-two team in Ireland and the David Clifford factor is going to make them hard to beat come the business end of the Championship.

Odds of 2/1 are too short for me here and I wouldn’t have them as favourites after not being able to defend their All-Ireland title last year. The league will be key for this Kerry team to lay down a marker in 2024.

In 2022 they blitzed all in front of them on their way to a league title before going on to secure All-Ireland glory. Last year they didn’t put an emphasis on the league and consequently struggled. Those struggles continued into the Championship, even if they were able to make it to the final.

With the new All-Ireland series format, they don’t hold as much of an advantage from being so far ahead of their competitors in the Munster Championship. Also, Cork football looks to be on the way back again so it could make winning Munster a little more of a challenge than they’ve become used to.


Dublin are second-favourites in the 2024 All-Ireland Football Odds at 11/4. Those odds imply that Dublin have a 26.7% chance of winning the 2024 All-Ireland Football Championship.

I’m going to disagree with our oddsmakers here. Dublin should be the 2024 All-Ireland favourites, in my opinion. The Boys in Blue are reigning All-Ireland Champions and they looked to be back to their best at times in last year’s Championship (the second half of their Quarter-Final against Mayo and the All-Ireland Final against Kerry spring to mind).

For me, Kerry have more question marks hanging over them heading into this season than Dublin. The only concern you could level against the Dubs is their motivation as last year appeared to be a very emotional win and was billed as the last dance for many of their stars.

If motivation is the only question mark hanging over this Dublin team heading into this campaign then they should be All-Ireland favourites. It’s also worth pointing out that the predicted exodus of experienced campaigners through retirements hasn’t materialised.


Reigning Ulster Champions Derry are co-third favourites to win the 2024 All-Ireland Football Championship at odds of 15/2. Those odds imply that Derry have an 11.8% chance of winning the All-Ireland in 2024.

I’m going to disagree with our oddsmakers again here. From my point of view, Derry deserve to be third favourites on their own at odds closer to 5/1. Why? The Oak Leaf county have won two straight Ulster Championships which is no mean feat.

It’s true that provincial success doesn’t necessarily translate to All-Ireland success. With that in mind, I had been a doubter of this Derry squad until their performance against Kerry in the 2023 All-Ireland Semi-Final. Derry’s performance in that game turned me into a believer. They went toe-to-toe with Kerry for 70+ minutes and can feel unlucky not to have come out on the right side of the result.

If I were going to separate the top teams into tiers I would have Dublin and Kerry in the top tier on their own, given their squad talent and that they have been there and finished the job in recent All-Ireland finals. Then I think Derry belongs in the tier right below Dublin and Kerry and ahead of Mayo, Galway and the rest of the top All-Ireland contenders.

Derry have all the ingredients required to become All-Ireland Champions. Star forward? Check. Star midfielder? Check (two of them in fact). Star man-marker? Check. Ferocious defence? Check. Ability to tear teams apart on the counter-attack? Check.

If you’re looking for value in the 2024 All-Ireland odds then look no further than Derry. They are my best bet in terms of value to win the 2024 All-Ireland Football Championship. I think they’ll also be aided by playing in Division One this spring which should have them better prepared come Championship.


The other co-third favourite to win the Sam Maguire in 2024 is Mayo at odds of 15/2. Those odds imply that Mayo have an 11.8% chance of winning the 2024 All-Ireland Football Championship.

I don’t love Mayo at these odds if I’m being totally honest. Don’t get me wrong, this is a young team on an upward trajectory after replacing a lot of ageing veterans with young talents last year. However, I think they are still probably another year away from being serious contenders, especially after witnessing the gulf in class between themselves and Dublin in last year’s All-Ireland Quarter-Final.

On the bright side, there is a lot to be optimistic about with this Mayo team going into this season and looking further forward. Jordan Flynn, Tommy Conroy and Ryan O’Donoghue have the raw materials to be star forwards for this team and I expect them to improve this season with more Championship experience under their belt.

It also bodes well for this squad that they won last year’s Division One National League title by beating rivals Galway in the final. You may scoff at a National League trophy but winning a national trophy in Croke Park will give this young team confidence and belief that they can close out big games in Headquarters.

Kevin McStay should have a better idea of what he wants to do with this squad tactically in his second year after the failed experiment of playing forward Conor Loftus at 6 in last year’s campaign.

It also doesn’t help Mayo that McHale Park has become a house of horrors for them in recent seasons. Their terrible form at home doesn’t bode well for them with the new All-Ireland group stage guaranteeing them a Championship home game beyond the Connacht Championship.

Can they close the gap between themselves and Dublin that was so evident in last year’s Quarter-Final? I have my doubts.


Next up in the betting for the 2024 All-Ireland Football title is Galway at 8/1 odds. Those odds imply that Galway have an 11.1% chance of winning the 2024 All-Ireland Football Championship.

This Galway team is a bit of a wildcard coming into the 2024 season, it’s hard to know what to make of them. 8/1 fifth favourites is probably about where they should be after a disappointing 2023 season.

They can only have themselves to blame for their early Championship exit last season. They shot themselves in the foot in their final group game against Armagh with the game tied and just a draw needed in the dying seconds to secure top spot in the group.

The Tribesmen gave possession away and ultimately conceded which meant they had to play Mayo in a knockout clash the following week. If this Galway team were as good as they have been billed to be then they should be taking care of business against a young Mayo team in Salthill. They didn’t of course and an early Championship exit was the result.

With that said, they were All-Ireland finalists in 2022 and acquitted themselves well in that final against a great Kerry side. There is still plenty of talent in this Galway squad so I wouldn’t want to write them off after just one down year.

As I said before, it’s hard to know what to make of this Galway team. I don’t hate the value here at 8/1 given their talent and the fact that we’ve already seen them reach an All-Ireland Final and play well in that final.

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