4, 7 & 11 Unlucky For BoyleSports As Customers Net €36,000

BoyleSports took a bashing on Tuesday night as the ever popular numbers 4-7-11 were drawn in Tuesday night’s EuroMillions Plus draw.

Two punters won a combined €36,000 between them from small stakes in Tuesday night’s draw.

The first punter from Dublin, who wishes to remain anonymous, staked 50 cent on 4-7-11 to defy the odds of 1500/1 and also staked 50 cent on 4-7-11-23 defying the massive odds of 33,000/1 and netting a whopping €17,251 for their €6 numbers bet.

The second customer from Meath who also wishes to remain anonymous staked 50 cent trebles on the numbers 4-7-11, 7-11-23, 4-11-23 and also 50 cent on 4-7-11-23 netting them a whopping €18,752 for their €4 stake.

4-7-11 are one of the most popular sets of Lottery numbers played by BoyleSports customers in weekly Lotto games and one of the main reasons is down to the women’s perfume by Mäurer & Wirtz also named 4711.

Tuesday night’s EuroMillions numbers cost BoyleSports a whopping €800,000 in payouts and we will just have to take the bashing on this one.

No doubt the sales in 4711 perfume will rise today.

We would like to extend our congratulations to both customers on picking what are certainly BoyleSports’ unlucky numbers!