£0.50 Lotto Flutter In Birmingham Trounces 25,000/1 Odds

A UK Lotto player had their eyes on the continent this week when they took aim at the French Lotto draw and scooped a mega five-figure sum.

The anonymous winner based in Birmingham struck a tiny £0.50 bet online and was left hoping for four numbers to come out in the main French Lotto draw on Wednesday evening.

They were up against odds of 25,000/1 for all four numbers to roll out, but it only took a matter of seconds for the stake to skyrocket in value as 3, 17, 23 and 28 all dropped out of the machine.

The spectacular run of luck meant the punter was able to log in to see their £0.50 investment transformed into a mammoth total of £12,500.50.

Maybe our Birmingham customer thought they’d have better luck looking further afield and we send them huge congratulations on their spectacular win.

They have proved the big wins don’t always require big stakes and we have to applaud their ambition!

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