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Asian Handicap Bet

What is a Asian Handicap Bet?

Asian handicap betting originated in Asia. It can seem a little complicated at first, but our Asian Handicap betting guide will clear things up for you.


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It’s possible across a range of sports, although it’s most popular in football betting. This is a form of betting that can seem a little complicated at first, but our Asian Handicap betting guide should help to clear things up for you.

In a game of football, the score always starts at 0-0. Asian Handicap betting essentially gives one of the teams a head start. You determine the size of this head start to form your Asian Handicap bet, which also eliminates the potential for a draw.

This is why you’ll see an Asian Handicap Bet explained with the term ‘draw – no bet’, meaning there are only two possibilities. Bookmakers offer odds on the handicaps that attempt to give each team a 50-50 chance of winning, which makes this form of betting attractive to bettors.

If you’re still asking yourself, ‘what is an Asian Handicap Bet?’, read on for more information on this type of wager.

How do you make an Asian Handicap Bet?

To make an Asian Handicap Bet, all you need to do is decide the size of the handicap you want to go with. You also need to choose whether to back a team to effectively come from behind or defend their head start.

In a regular outright football bet, there can be little value in backing a favourite. Applying a handicap levels the playing field. The favourite receives a negative handicap and the underdog a positive handicap.

A level Asian Handicap Bet is where you apply a handicap of 0. This means there’s no advantage for either team and you’re only betting on Team A or Team B winning. In the event of a draw, the bet is void and your stake is returned.

When there’s a perceived difference to the chance of each team winning, this gives you a single Asian Handicap Bet. You can avoid the possibility of a draw and no bet by handicapping teams with half goals. If you bet on Team A with a handicap of -0.5, they must win to give you a winning bet. A draw or defeat results in a losing bet.

If you back Team B with a handicap of +0.5, your bet wins in the event of a victory for Team B or a draw. Any defeat is a losing bet. You can increase the number of goals in an Asian Handicap Bet as desired, in effect giving you a bet on the margin of victory. You can also use quarter goals for split, or Alternative Asian Handicap betting.

How do you calculate an Asian Handicap Bet?

If you’re wondering how does an Asian Handicap Bet work in practice, it’s best to take a closer look at how to calculate one. The table below shows how single Asian Handicap betting works, with a voided bet and returned stake shown as no bet.

With quarter goal Asian Handicap Bets, you split your stake on either Team A or Team B over two handicaps. Also known as Alternative Asian Handicap Bets, this option is particularly popular when the perceived difference in the chance of each team winning is closer.

As such, you can back a favourite with a 0 & -0.5, -0.5 & -1, or -1 & -1.5 handicap. This gives your Asian Handicap Bet a layer of added security, as certain outcomes result in half of your stake being returned. The following table demonstrates the result this has on your payout:


As you can see, working out the odds for this type of wager quickly becomes very complicated, which is why it’s best to use an Asian Handicap Bet calculator when placing this kind of bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of an Asian Handicap Bet?

The main advantage of an Asian Handicap Bet is that you can remove the possibility of a draw to increase the chance of a winning bet. The team you back can also provide you with a winning bet even if they lose, which isn’t the case when you bet on the standard outright market. You can also have some or all of your stake returned in the event of certain Asian Handicap Bet outcomes.

What are the disadvantages of an Asian Handicap Bet?

As the betting margins are reduced by the elimination of a draw, the odds you get on an Asian Handicap Bet aren’t as high as in the standard outright market. Individual bets can therefore be said to have lower value, although it’s widely recognised by experienced bettors that there’s more long-term value in this form of betting due to the removal of one significant potential outcome.

In what sports can you make an Asian Handicap Bet?

Asian Handicap betting is possible in a variety of sports, but is most common in football. This type of betting originated in Asia as a way to place football bets, allowing you to back a team to either successfully overcome or defend a virtual head start at the beginning of a game.

What are Asian Handicap half and quarter lines?

In Asian Handicap betting, a half line means the team you back has a half goal handicap to either overcome or defend, eliminating the potential for a draw. With a quarter line Asian Handicap Bet, you include two different handicaps in your bet and split your stake between them. This means either one or both parts of your bet can win or lose.

How is an Asian Handicap Bet different to an Alternative Asian Handicap Bet?

Alternative Asian Handicap betting is when you split your stake in half to cover two different handicaps, most popularly when betting on a football match. Also known as quarter goal and split Asian Handicap betting, this is a form of hedge betting where you cover multiple possibilities to add a layer of security to your wager.