AWOL First Lady Sees Trump Divorce Odds Shorten

America’s first couple have been backed for a parting of the ways as Melania Trump’s absence from public life continues to fuel conspiracy theories across US media.

The First Lady hasn’t been seen in public for three weeks and a spokesperson confirmed on May 14th that that she had undergone surgery for a ‘benign kidney condition’.

However the lack of any further updates from the White House on her whereabouts or well-being has sent internet rumours into overdrive, with some speculating that she has moved back to New York to ‘take stock’.

We have reacted to the latest rumours by…

slicing the odds on the President and First Lady divorcing during his first term in the Oval Office from 14/1 into 10/1.

The President tried to quell speculation last week by telling a gathering of journalists that Melania was staring at them from a White House window, but the reporters present insisted they did not see her.

Trump’s on-off North Korean summit appeared to be on less rocky ground when one of Kim Jong Un’s top officials made his way to the United States on Wednesday and there continues to be a steady amount of support at 2/1 for the President to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize during his first term.

His predecessor Barack Obama scooped the gong after only eight and half months in the White House.