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Big Brother – It’s Eviction Time!

Big Brother

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It’s the first eviction of Big Brother 2014 this Friday and with Danielle, Tamara and Jale all facing the public vote…

…it seems this year will follow the long running tradition that has become infamous with Big Brother. Yes that’s right, the first housemate to be evicted will yet again be a female, which poses the question why? Why, in the fifteen years of the reality show is the first housemate to be loathed by the public and get the very swift boot always a female?

Some share very similar characteristics that make it easy to see why they would grate on anyone’s last nerve. Maybe they believe that to come across as a strong independent woman, they need to be assertive and honest, which is fair enough, but most of them aren’t or if they are they over compensate and they end up coming across as rude, obnoxious and argumentative.

Sallie Axel, who was the first to go last year, is a prime example of this. She stated on numerously annoying occasions that she is just being honest but frankly I don’t think so. Housemates use ‘being honest’ as a pass for being mean and having absolutely no regard for anyone else’s feelings.

Granted some of the first females to be evicted were just boring, remember Shabnam…didn’t think so, and that is totally fine. We watch Big Brother to see these eccentric characters stew in a house full of strangers as Big Brother dictates how they go about their daily business until they crack and gang up on each other and if someone gets lost in the background what’s the point in them being there?

Woman can be a fickle bunch and should we see a threat (not me I’m lovely) we like to remove it, so this may also factor into why so many females face eviction first and ultimately go. Many argue that because the viewers voting are predominately women, they will choose to vote a woman out over a man, now I’m not so sure about this one because I think there is just as many men that would pick up the phone to vote and many of the first evictees have been quite pleasing to the eye.

Could it be that in our society today we are just fed up of seeing fame hungry ‘models’ or over opinionated people, especially when they are controversial for the sake of being controversial. Basically trying way too hard to be interesting and different when in reality they are just annoying. Or maybe men just get away with more because the sad fact is we still live in a world where sexism is rife, wait I’m talking about Big Brother I think it’s the first point.