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Big Brother’s Big Bullies – Gone Too Far?

Big Brother

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It is only two weeks into this year’s Big Brother and there have already been bust ups and break downs, cliques have formed and villains created.

Every year in Big Brother it’s the same thing and it is one of the reasons why we love to watch the show, but how far is too far?

Helen Wood, the girl at the centre of that Wayne Rooney scandal (not the one involving a granny), was given the prestigious pass to the final by then Power Housemate, Pauline, after only knowing her for 24 hours. What a mistake that turned out to be!

Helen first showed she had a vicious streak when she began arguing with ‘devout Catholic’ Danielle, calling her horrible names and telling her to ‘stop s****ing Jesus’. However it didn’t take Helen long to move on from Danielle and begin her vicious tirade on Jale, which has seen Ofcom receive thousands of complaints.

As the years go on in Big Brother this playground mentality is something that we have become accustomed to and are certain to see each and every year, but not to this extent. It is very clear to anyone watching that Helen has it in for Jale, she waits for her to enter the same room and merely breathe before she begins attacking her again.

This has worked in Jale’s favour in the popularity stakes and although she faces eviction every week, after receiving the Killer Nomination, once Helen continues her tirade it looks like Jale will be in it for the long haul.

Will £250,000 ease the pain of weeks of torment?

Some claim that Jale is playing the victim but in my opinion she is simply keeping her integrity and being an adult by trying to remove herself from the situation and trying not to react to the malicious attacks being thrust upon her by Helen and her little clique.

After the racism controversy between Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty in Celebrity Big Brother 5, Big Brother has become significantly more censored and will step in if they feel someone is being offensive or aggressive. This is perfectly fine and understandable but sometimes they are punishing people for the smallest of things leaving viewers frustrated.

This is not one of those times however as Helen is without a shadow of a doubt bullying Jale and she has not received a formal warning as of yet, although she has received over 14 informal warnings in the 13 days they have been in the house.

The very fact that host, Emma Willis has made a call for Helen’s pass to the final to be revoked and branded Helen’s attacks uncomfortable to watch which speaks volumes.

We don’t want to watch a show that is overly censored, which it can be at times, as it results in people being too cautious with their actions and words and takes away from the reality of one of the best reality shows to reach our screens but to echo Emma Willis this is not just uncomfortable to watch but infuriating to see a grown woman behave in such a hateful way to a complete stranger and basically get away with it.