Big Sam- 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About England’s New Boss

With Sam Allardyce finally confirmed as the New England boss, we take a look at some lesser-known facts about the man the FA have chosen to lead the Three Lions to World Cup 2018…

‘The impossible job’ might be Big Sam’s latest occupational adventure, but it couldn’t be further from his first experience of the world of employment. As a teen he worked in a factory that produced record decks before he signed his first football contract.

Maggie May
Allardyce signed his first contract at Bolton on his 17th birthday when Rod Stewart was Top of the Pops with Maggie May. He received a £125 signing on fee and £14 a week in wages.


Back in 1991, Big Sam was beginning his managerial career by leading Limerick to the Irish First Division title as player manager. When he first received the job offer by telephone, he thought it was his mate Peter Reid winding him up. “Are you f***ing with me Reidy!?” he exclaimed to Limerick’s chairman, Fr. Joe Young.

sam limerick

Sheep Testicles
Allardyce may have went viral last season for his ‘standing in the chippy’ face, but on one occasion Big Sam was eyeing up a different delicacy on the menu. Every time his Bolton side won by 3 or more goals, the manager allowed his players to impose a forfeit on him. One of his tasks was to tuck into a plateful of sheep testicles after Bolton put 5 past Leicester City.

allardyce chippy

Toilet Seats
One team bonding session as Bolton manager saw his squad taking part in races around the Lake District. Nothing strange here you may say, until you discover that Sam spiced the races up by strapping toilet seats to the players.

It won’t be all fun for the England players though. Allardyce prides himself on discipline which he puts this down to his upbringing in the West Midlands where his father was a Police Sergeant. Will the England players take to his no-nonsense approach?

The last 4 England bosses had 34 major trophies between at the time of their appointment by the FA. Allardyce’s current tally stands at zero, one behind England.

Only three managers have managed more Premier League games than the new England manager. Harry Redknapp, Arsene Wenger and of course the alleged referee on his CV, Alex Ferguson.


Spare Parts
It’s not only football teams on Sam Alldaryce’s resumé. He’s overseen several different business ventures including a fast food restaurant, a spare parts firm for cars and a pub.

Despite once saying “I don’t do any of that crap”, the new England boss does now have a Twitter account. @OfficialBigSam has recently Tweeted about a Beyonce concert (“I just hope her moves are as good as mine”) as well as this comment about Sunderland’s pre-season. Looks like he won’t be making it after all…