Blue Monday? Green Tuesday for Louth Punter Whose Lotto Treble Nets €7,505

A County Louth punter revelled in a mid-week windfall when their three lucky Lotto numbers saw them pocket a tasty profit of €7,500.

The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, placed their €5 bet in a BoyleSports shop in the Wee County on the three numbers 9, 16 and 23 to be revealed during the EuroMillions Plus draw on Tuesday evening.

The odds of 1500/1 on all three landing started to tumble as the numbers rolled out and once the draw was complete, they had been smashed completely.

As a result, the customer’s €5 stake was transformed into a return of €7,505.

This is the second payout on the same draw BoyleSports faced after a Dublin customer netted an incredible €6,004 for their €4 stake on the same three numbers.

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