BoyleSports Balls Up As Punters Win Over €38,000 In Lotto

More big payouts! Three customers from Tipperary, Meath and Kerry all won big from Wednesday night’s Irish Lottery draw.

The first customer from Tipperary placed 0.50 cent on the numbers 7-17-27-35-37 to be drawn in a special Pick 5 bet and they happily came out in Lotto Plus 1 defying the odds and netting them a whopping €20,000.

The second customer from Kerry placed €3 on the numbers 10, 20, 30 and 40 which were drawn from the Lotto Plus 2 draw. The customer was very lucky as 10 was drawn as the Bonus which saw them defy the 3000/1 odds and net a whopping €9,003 for their €3 stake.

The third customer from Meath placed a €1 Yankee on the numbers 7-17-27-37 costing them €33 to cover all 3 Lotto draws and with the numbers clicking in the Lotto Plus 1 draw, they turned their €33 into €9,141.

It’s certainly been a balls of a start to June for BoyleSports with another three customers winning big from Lotto bets on Wednesday night.

With the latest Lotto payouts reaping big dividends from small stakes, we are sure to see a surge in our Lottery bets as the weekend approaches. We would like to congratulate our latest customers who defied the gigantic odds and wish them happy spending.