BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby Winning Trainer Odds & Extra Markets

In this post you can find our BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby winning trainer odds plus all our other betting markets for the big event.

BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby Winning Trainer Odds

Graham Holland is 2/1 to land the Irish Greyhound Derby for the fourth time adding to his successes with Rural Hawaii (2016), Lenson Bock (2019) and Newinn Taylor (2020)  and join Gay McKenna and Tom Lynch with four titles. Of his 17 entries, he has an exceptional team including market leaders Swords Rex 10/1, Clona Duke 12/1 and Clonbrien Treaty at 14/1.

Liam Dowling is the second-favourite at 4/1 to be winning Derby trainer and repeat his success with Ballymac Matt (2015) having had Ballymac Finn finish second in the 2022 edition of this event. From the Dowling team, the leading fancies are Ballymac Marino 14/1, Ballymac Wait 25/1 and Ballymac Finn 25/1.

Pat Buckley is 5/1 and he won the event with the legendary College Causeway (2009) and looks likely to mount a strong challenge again with a team including Ballinbola Ed 12/1, Bens Teddy 25/1 and Bobsleigh Dream 33/1 all not without a chance.

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BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby Winning Trainer Odds 2023

BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby Extra Markets

6/1 Odds On Track Record To Be Broken During The Derby

The 550 Track Record was set by the sensational Pestana in a breathtaking 28.99 for the 550-yard trip during the 2020 Irish Greyhound Derby Round 2

The quickest times for the 550 in Shelbourne Park this year have been Gaytime Hugo 29.26, Trinity Junior 29.34 and Ballymac Wait 29.39. While the track will likely be quicker for the Derby it’s a long shot at 6//1 I feel.

Winning Seed Odds

Per the Greyhound Data website, it has analysed 68 full-field races in 2023 for the 550-yard distance.

The Win % are as follows per each trap.

Trap (1) – 19%

Trap (2) –  22%

“Rails” dogs placed in Trap (1) or Trap (2) have won 41% of full-field races and can be gotten at 11/10 to Win the Derby. A railer has also won 3/7 Derby finals since 2016, Good News 2017 from Trap (2), Ballyanne Sim 2018 from Trap (1) and Susie Sapphire 2021 from Trap (1).

Trap (3) –  13%

Trap (4) – 10%

“Middle” dogs placed in Trap (3) or Trap (4) have won 23% of full-field races and can be gotten at 12/1 to claim their first Derby since Ballymac Matt won from Trap (3) in 2015.

Trap (5) – 22%

Trap (6) –  13%

“Wide” dogs placed in Trap (5) or Trap (6) have won 35% of full-field races and can be gotten at 4/5 to Win the Derby. A Wide seed has also won 4/7  Derby finals since 2016, Rural Hawaii 2016 Trap 6, Lenson Bocko 2019 Trap (5), Newinn Taylor 2020 Trap (6) and Born Warrior 2022 from Trap (5)

A Bitch To Win The Derby

A bitch has won the Irish Greyhound Derby on nine separate occasions 1933, 1937, 1941, 1972, 1979, 1990, 1996, 1999 and most recently in 2021 when Susie Sapphire won the biggest prize in Irish Greyhound Racing.

If you fancy a bitch to win the Derby again you can get that at 6/1

Top Bitch Odds

The top-bitch market is very competitive with recent the 2022 Irish St Leger winner  Bobsleigh Dream for Pat Buckley priced at 6/1 she has 22 wins and has been in the top three in 36/46 of her races.

Recent Dundalk International winner, Raha Mofo for Murt Leahy has 17 wins and been in the top-three 27/41 races and she is also priced at 6/1.

Up The Style is also priced at 6/1 the 2022 IGOBF National Puppy Stake winner 8 wins from 12 races, one second place finish and three sixth finishes.

Derby Winner To Be Unbeaten In Every Round?

The last Irish Greyhound Derby winner to go unbeaten was Susie Sapphire in 2021 and you can get any dog to repeat that feat currently at 8/1.

A Greyhound To Make The Final Without Winning A Heat?

That can be currently gotten at 7/4

A Greyhound To Win The Derby Without Winning A Heat?

You can back a greyhound to win the derby without winning a heat at odds of 33/1 which is a feat almost achieved by BoyleSports King in 2019.

Winning Prefix?

Ballymac is 9/2 to win the competition with a strong team of Ballymac Wait, Ballymac Run, Ballymac Marino, Ballymac Finn and Ballymac Cooper all making up a strong team.

Droopys is 9/1 with a team of Droopys Bro, Droopys Got It, Droopys Nice One, Droopys Onestop, Droopys De Luxe and Dropys Timing.

The Swords prefix is 9/1 with Swords Fudge and Swords Rex as part of the team.

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