Christmas Gifts? We’ve Got You Covered!

It’s almost Christmas. The office party hangover has kicked in. And you still have to get that all-elusive Christmas present for the kids or the football fan in your life.

Fear not fellow shoppers, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Here’s what we found in the club bargain bins that will have you running to the tills like Diego Costa towards a tunnel scrap.

Chelsea Fans
Does yours look like Sideshow Bob on an ice rink? Does yours enjoy the company of teammates’ girlfriends? If so, you’re probably playing Chelsea Guess Who. At £16.85 from their club shop it shades top place in the Chelsea gift table ahead of their £94 skateboard, even if they are rolling comfortably towards the title.

Chelsea Guess Who Chelsea-Skateboard

How would you describe Manchester City’s performance against Chelsea at the weekend? Wipe away the winter blues by cheering your City pal up with this pair of home and away boxers. Be warned though; they’re overpriced at £26 and they may be missing cover at the back.

Man City pants £21.39

Christmas Drinks
Who pulled Wayne Rooney out of the Secret Santa draw in the canteen at Carrington? Whoever it is, look no further. This mini bar set means he can sup from his favourite pint glass after every game and there’s even a towel to wipe the sick up. Perfect for a tenner from the Old Trafford megastore.

Man Utd bar set £10.07

The temperature isn’t the only thing dropping this Christmas with Champions Leicester sinking to 16th just 2 points above the relegation zone. Their European adventure goes on however, so we suggest snapping up this passport holder while it’s still useful…it won’t be required to get to Burton Albion next season.

Leicester passport holder

Go to bed with Stevie G every night! OK, I must admit these elusive bedspreads are out of stock; I tried to buy one but I slipped and Demba Ba nipped in and grabbed the last one. But if rumours are to be believed they’ll be back on Merseyside sooner than you can say Academy coaching role.

Stevie G bedspread

This magnificent piece of official Arsenal apparel is billed as having a soft fluffy lining and deep pockets. Writes itself this stuff doesn’t it? Expertly modeled here presumably by the only player who had time, this will set you back £40. (The robe that is).