Conor McGregor To Win “ChampChamp” Trademark?

Conor McGregor is embroiled in a trademark battle with a number of well-known brands after he applied to trademark the moniker “Mystic Mac”.

Both Estee Lauder’s MAC Cosmetics and the German-owned Mac Jeans brand have opposed McGregor’s application and have until June to provide sufficient evidence to back up their case.

At 7/1 to win the case and 1/16 not to win the case, things aren’t looking good for the Dublin native.

That’s not the only name McGregor is looking to trademark as Champion Sports are opposing his case to trademark ‘ChampChamp’ which he is 6/4 to go on and win.

‘I Am Boxing’ is one of The Notorious’ trademarks that hasn’t been met with an objection, but at 1/5 not to go ahead, it looks like the context of the trademark just might be pushing it.

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