Darren Clarke: Rory and Tiger Will Be Future Ryder Cup Captains

Former Ryder Cup Captain Darren Clarke is backing the two most influential figures of modern golf to become Ryder Cup Captains in the future.

Clarke, one of the finest golfing talents the island of Ireland has ever produced, chatted to us here at BoyleSports ahead of the upcoming Ryder Cup.

The Ryder Cup is an event that transcends the sport. There is nothing quite like it in golf. Majors aside, being selected as a Ryder Cup captain is arguably the biggest honour for a golfer from Europe or the USA.

The 2016 Team Europe Ryder Cup Captain has revealed why both Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy are destined to receive that honour.

Tiger Woods’ Influence

Woods’ Absence In Rome

Make no mistake, Tiger will be at the end of the phone for the guys to call him. Like Tiger, I’ll be up here at 2am watching every shot so I can guarantee you Tiger will be doing the same. Just cause he’s not there don’t think he’s not at the end of the phone and give Zach or whoever in the team some information.

Tiger is so astute. He watches body language, he watches everything.

He’ll be straight on the phone as soon as he sees anything.

Tiger Woods Will Be A Future Ryder Cup Captain

Because he’s not physically there, he will be missed because he is the draw. I don’t care what anybody says, he’s the draw.

Without a doubt, he [Woods] will be a future Ryder Cup captain.

If there’s any tournament where he will be missed but not so much then that’s at the Ryder Cup because those guys as soon as the national anthems are played, they’re going to sing along with their hand over their heart and be fully invested into what Zach Johnson’s trying to do to be the first American team to win on European soil in 30 years. That’s a big ask.

The European team is a really strong team. It’s got a balance of old and new. They’re going to be hard to beat but the American team is also really strong.

McIlroy’s Role In Rome

Rory McIlroy Will Be A Future Ryder Cup Captain

Rory will also definitely be a future Ryder Cup captain.

Who in that team will everybody look up to? Probably Rory. He’s a little bit older now. Rory would be the guy that all the rookies look up to. Justin Rose will also have a senior role in the team. Guys will look up to them and ask them questions.

McIlroy Will Be A Leader On Team Europe

There’s a lot of stuff to do during that week from the Monday, there’s all these functions to do and then suddenly Friday comes around. If you don’t know what to expect then you feel slightly unprepared but Luke won’t let that happen. He’ll make sure that the guys are as prepared as they can be but…

Rory will be a leader in that team.

Shane will be very serious and want to win his points but himself and Tyrell Hatton will bring an element of light-heartedness in the room. The whole blend of the team is great for the old and the younger players.

Rory Ready To Prove How Good He Is After Whistling Straits Disappointment

Each Ryder Cup is different. With Rory, he would have been annoyed that he only got one point at Whistling Straits but in the Ryder Cup, your opponent can play just that bit better to win the hole.

Rory is a very emotional guy and he’ll be out there to show just how good he is.

We know how good he [McIlroy] is but he loves proving how good he is.

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