Déise Punter In A Spin After €6480 Roulette Windfall

A County Waterford punter took just the blink of an eye to scoop a four-figure January pick-me-up this weekend thanks to a stunning stroke of good luck.

The anonymous player placed just a €5 bet on in their local BoyleSports shop on two roulette numbers to land in a row on Friday evening.

Their interest was piqued in the 9pm spin when the wheel stopped just in time for the ball to land on their first pick, number 0.

They were left sweating it out on number 7 but only had to wait until 9.03pm for their anticipation to be satisfied when incredibly the wheel stopped on their second number too.

The chances of both numbers landing in the two consecutive spins was rated at a massive 1,296/1. That meant the €5 betting slip was transformed into a mega €6,480 all within three minutes.

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