Delight In Donegal As €1 Lotto Flutter Scoops €33,001

A punter in County Donegal pulled off a staggering coup on the Lotto this week and only needed a tiny investment to do it.

The winner struck the modest bet online on Tuesday, investing just €1 in their lucky numbers. However, they were aiming high by taking on odds of 33,000/1 for four numbers in the EuroMillions Plus draw later that evening.

The odds started to crumble however when the draw got under way and they had been smashed completely by the time numbers 3, 6, 24 and 28 all rolled out.

The run of good fortune saw the €1 stake transformed into a mammoth payout of €33,001.

It’s incredible just how far €1 can go and fair play to our Donegal customer who proved the big wins can still be scooped even from tiny stakes. We admire their ambition and wish them good luck with their winnings!

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