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Dennis Priestley’s BoyleSports World Grand Prix Tips & Preview

In an exclusive interview with BoyleSports, Dennis Priestley has revealed his BoyleSports World Grand Prix tips.

The Grand Prix action gets underway Monday night in Leicester with the world’s best players ready to duel it out in the unique double start format.

Priestley, a 2x World Championship winner, is predicting that we will have a first time winner of the event. You can find all Dennis Priestley’s tips for the event below as he previews what is set to be a festival of darts action at the 2023 BoyleSports World Grand Prix.

BoyleSports World Grand Prix Tips

Luke Humphries is exceptional when he wants to be and he’s definitely the one to beat for me. He’s the one everyone should be looking out for.

Obviously you’ve got the old contenders like Peter Wright, but I don’t think I’ll back him to win it as he’s been struggling a bit of late, although he’ll probably want to win it.

Michael Smith is the other contender I really like.

Tip: Luke Humphries @ 15/2

Luke Humphries Already At The Level of Van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price?

Luke has had a very good year so far and even hit a nine-darter the other day.

He’s already on the same level as the likes of Gerwyn Price.

His scoring is everything and his throw is very laid back.

Best Way To Start In The BoyleSports World Grand Prix

For me, you’ve got to start on double top and I haven’t changed my attitude towards that.

If you’re going for double 20, you’ve already got your eye at that level and it just seems the way to go. You’re not moving your eye or your body too much for that shot. It’s the sensible option for me.

How Will Gary Anderson Perform In Leicester?

I think the desire to win has gone for him.

He’s very comfortable money wise and I think he’s happy with what he’s done in his career.

I think he’ll struggle to get to the final and I wouldn’t expect him to get any further than the quarters.

Van Gerwen v Josh Rock Preview

Obviously there can always be an upset in the first round. It’ll be a tough game for Van Gerwen.

I like what I see with Josh Rock, it’s just a case of whether he can live with the standard that Van Gerwen sets.

Will Grand Prix Winner have a say in the World Championships?

Yes, you have to think that’ll be the case.

If you win the World Grand Prix then you’ll obviously be playing good darts.

Don’t get me wrong, your form can change between now and December but winning this title will give you a vote of confidence.

Priestley’s Reflections On The PDC’s Split From The BDO

Darts would be nothing if we didn’t break away from the BDO. They couldn’t compete.

I received a lot of backlash and you wouldn’t believe the dirty tricks that they tried to play on me. Trying to take us to court, take our houses off us.

It’s not just a man playing darts either, you’ve got your family to think about. You try to do the right thing for them. We were put under pressure but no amount of money could’ve tempted me to go back on my decision.

The biggest thing going forward for darts is the sponsorships. If there’s none of them then players won’t get paid. The difference between now and then is how regularly they get to play.

I’m really proud of what we did, and people should be thankful to us for it.

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