Dublin Punter Scoops €9,048 Thanks To 100/1 Virtual Horse

A Dublin native is celebrating a massive win on Monday after watching their virtual horse selections overcome huge odds to take us for over €9,000.

The customer placed a €1 each-way Lucky 15 in one of our Dublin shops on Sunday afternoon and picked four horses at Sprint Valley.

Despite starting with a 50/1 placer, the bet looked doomed after the second selection. 25/1 shot Sallers Ego, wasn’t even placed in the 7.29 race.

But things took a turn for the better 20 minutes later when Eco Summit was placed at massive odds of 100/1, before the fourth and final selection Alcott Bronson, another 100/1 shot, won the 9.10.

Had the one losing selection even placed, the bet would have returned a staggering €87,306,

…however the 100/1 winner triggered a tasty consolation in the shape of a €9,048 payout.

We don’t know what the customer was thinking when they put two 100/1 shots into their Lucky 15 on Sunday but they are having the last laugh after some incredible results.

The horses may have been virtual but the €9,018 profit bagged by our customer isn’t and we have to raise a glass and congratulate them on their lucky selections!