Dubliner Scoops Staggering €79,000 Lotto Loot

A Dubliner is thanking their lucky stars this weekend after a run of Lotto numbers struck gold and landed them just short of €80,000.

The anonymous punter placed a wager in a BoyleSports shop in the capital for Friday evening’s EuroMillions Plus draw and picked out a €2 yankee bet on four numbers to land.

They opted for numbers 6, 11, 18 and 21 and only needed two of them to come out to bag themselves a profit.

But things got even better than that as all four rolled out and triggered payouts on a total of 11 bets, including one which overcame odds of 33,000/1 for all four numbers.

When all the winnings were tallied it up, it made for a stunning windfall of €79,222 all from a €22 investment.

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