€11,302 BoyleSports Lotto Win Paid €20 With National Lottery

We can report that one County Cork punter is certainly waking up with a smile on their face this Thursday morning after they managed to turn their lucky Lotto bet into a whopping €11,302.

The customer’s bet in total cost €18 to play, but it was the €1 staked on the numbers 5-3-15-2 from both the six and seven number draw that resulted in the punter winning big.

The punter, who wishes to remain anonymous, defied the odds of 7500/1 from the six number side and 3800/1 from the seven number side after the numbers were drawn from Wednesday night’s Lotto Plus 1 draw netting them a combined total of €11,302.

If the punter had placed these four numbers with the National Lottery, they would have received a grand total of €20!

It’s certainly true to say that if you’re not in you can’t win and also it proves that small stakes can reap big dividends with BoyleSports’ Lotto bets.