Even A Master Can’t Turn A Sow’s Ear Into A Silk Purse Overnight

Poor game wasn’t it? Especially when the two teams locking horns at Anfield on Sunday are the two biggest in the country by a country mile.

Clear Out
Both need surgery, both need fresh blood in key areas, both need a direction and quickly if they are going to recapture former glories.

That’s the easy statement. For the team that lost yesterday, I can’t honestly think of one positive for Liverpool other than the club has a manager with drive, ambition, hunger, desire and a real track record that way too many players currently wearing the famous red just do not have.

Jurgen Klopp knew it would be a tough job, he also knew that there were going to be no miracles and that he would look closely at every player in the squad and development squads to see who would be part of his revolution and who would be out of the door.

I’m a little surpassed at Migs getting a new deal firstly. Neither he or Bogdan are Liverpool class goalkeepers for me, and if Liverpool are going to start winning trophies, that comes from clean sheets and confidence in the keeper from the back 4 which I do not see consistently enough.

So I’d break the bank for Jack Butland. He could give the youth, quality and consistency for years to come in the manner Joe Hart did at a pivotal time for Manchester City, and overall it has worked very well indeed.

There isn’t one player in the back 4 that is Champions League class, and for England’s most successful European club to be faced with that reality, is not good enough. Klopp needs the tools, money and a little bit of luck to build a back 5 including the keeper worthy of Liverpool Football Club, and if he can assemble that in the summer while other clubs aim for the same targets, then he really is a genius.

Chelsea, Man City and the great Man United sides all built from a strong defensive base. We all talk about Hazard, Ronaldo, Silva and Aguero but their job is infinitely easier when they know that as long as the boys at the back are doing their job then they aren’t having to score upwards of 2 goals a game to win games.

For too long that has been a problem with Liverpool even when I was in the team, the strikers were scoring goals, but too many were conceded.

It’s no coincidence that their current strikers aren’t showing the consistency of an Owen, Fowler, Rush, Torres or Suarez. Liverpool are losing momentum literally on the pitch but also as a club, so build strong, spend big if necessary and make the back 4 one of the best in Europe.

There are positives of course. Emre Can, for me, can go onto be a world class central midfielder, but forget a defensive or attacking role, he just needs to do what Dele Alli is doing at Spurs which is so eye catching; namely do both, and do them well. Get a couple of nasty grafters around him of the McMahon, Souness or Sammy Lee type (all who could play a bit as well mind!) and watch him grow.

I’m not convinced about Jordan Henderson either. Captain, youth, good looks and the new poster boy of Liverpool, he’s almost been given a free pass when it comes to critical scrutiny of his performances and where he actually is in his development.

I see Dele Alli and a number of Premier League midfield performers who have scooted past him this season, and to be brutally frank, a likeable lad he is, with all of the responsibility he’s been given recently, I’m not sure he is a good enough midfield player to create chances, break up play, get shots on target or score goals. So, his role at the club needs to be given serious consideration. For me the skipper would be Can and build around him and his undoubted qualities.

Exciting Football
Liverpool have been blessed even in the fallow Premier League years with match winners, prolific scorers and great partnerships. Players that even in sides who couldn’t challenge for the title over 38 games excited the Anfield faithful, scored bucketfuls of goals and kept Liverpool competitive.

Where have they gone? Benteke looks nap to be a summer casualty, Firmino threatens to be a dynamic forward then the next game looks distinctly average. Sturridge again will be sold in the summer as he just doesn’t seem to play games, and Coutinho is almost revered as the second coming, so desperate are the Kop. In reality he has 6 good games a season, so the striking options need addressing as do the creativity.

I’d keep Origi as he’s got plenty of development yet to happen, and Coutinho with an aggressive midfield around him, allowing him to do what he does best, be a pain around the 18 yard box. Benteke, Firmino and Sturridge will all have suitors home or abroad, so if Klopp must sell one or two to bring in one or two of real quality then so be it. Liverpool can’t be waiting for ifs and buts with players, they need to be in the team doing the business.

Creative Klopp Needs More Dough
Overall the squad is littered with average or very good, littered with inconsistency and Klopp’s Dortmund were the polar opposite. Gems and known quality at good prices, virtually all of whom performed at consistently high level, giving football fans a real treat in how they attacked with speed, creativity and confidence.

I read a tweet from several LFC “fans” who moaned “He’s no better than Brendan”.

He is, he really is, but even a master can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse overnight.

If LvG is worthy of a £250 million war kitty with his slow, predictable turgid football, then Klopp with his exciting brand certainly has to be considered for the same kind of budget to rebuild Liverpool.

The question is, do FSG agree or do they believe the man himself and his presence at LFC alone can change this great club’s fortunes?

They are very silly if they think that. Give the man the money and let him do the job to once and for all get this incredible football club back on the domestic and European stage.