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Football’s Funniest Banners

After Newcastle fans fabulous banner at Swansea City yesterday, we have a look at some other funny football banners down the years.

Old Lady Pokes Fun at Old Lady:
Juventus fans unfurled this banner at a 2005 clash with Liverpool, highlighting both their opponent’s perceived playing style and the less than radiant beauty of Britain’s future Queen.

United Fans Beef with Keegan:
At the height of the Mad Cow Disease outbreak, United fans linked Kevin Keegan’s increasingly erratic behaviour as Newcastle United boss at the time with his meat consumption.

Euro Vision:
Ireland fans displayed this little beauty at Euro 2012, noting that even Germany’s tyrannical measures on the Irish economy wouldn’t stop them from enjoying their first major tournament in a decade.

Plane Insulting:
Manchester United fans seem to keep plane banner companies in business, and they’d no hesitation in trolling Liverpool’s captain after his slip-up against Chelsea last season all but ended The Reds’ title hopes.

Costa Lot:
England fans see the funny side of arriving at the recent World Cup for a match against Costa Rica – when their side had already been eliminated.

When in Rome:
Italian fans are slightly more poetic – this Roma banner, aimed at rivals Lazio, roughly translates as “You are like the clouds, if only you would f*@k off, it would be a beautiful day”.

Skrtel the Issue:
Liverpool fans display their famous sense of humour with this tribute to their no-nonsense Slovak defender.

Gunner Sign Him:
Arsenal fans poke fun at their transfer failings with this little gem.