Football’s Worst Ever Haircuts!

Ricardo Quaresma has unveiled a rather ‘unusual’ haircut ahead of Portugal’s Euro 2016 Final clash with France.

But how does it rank in the all-time worst footballing haircut stakes? We take a look.

Horrid Hery
The finale of Liverpool’s penalty shootout victory over Carlisle United last season was dominated by one man.

For once it wasn’t then Pool boss Brendan Rodgers, but rather Carlisle’s Bastien Hery, who missed the crucial spot-kick. The midfielder’s rather unusual hair style was widely condemned as being the worst footballing haircut ever on Twitter, and is best described in the Tweet below.

But there have been worse. Far worse. Have a look.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 08.53.48

Simeone Says
Surely Giovanni Simeone’s tough guy dad Diego should have knocked some sense into his son when he came home sporting this monstrosity. However it transpires that Giovanni was not to blame, becoming simply the victim of his team-mates’ initiation prank as he received his first start for River Plate.


Ivory Combover
Gervinho’s Ivory Coast team-mates have had no hesitation in voting for his hair style as the worst in their squad, and no list would be complete without the Roma player’s inclusion. The former Arsenal striker’s been trying to hide his receding hairline for years with the likes of bandanas and ill-advised dreadlocked combovers but he’s fooling no-one but himself.


Werner Perm It
Flick through a Panini sticker album from the 1980s or 90s and you’ll be confronted with some of the worst crimes against hair known to mankind. Typical of this era is Mike Werner, whose mullet resembled Pat Sharp on Stars in Their Eyes as Def Leppard.

Mike WERNER - Hansa Rostock worst mullet ever

Happy As Larry
If you’ve ginger hair, probably the last hair style to choose is an afro but the late Noel Brotherston didn’t seem to care – marauding down the wings at the likes of Spurs and Blackburn looking like The Three Stooges’ Larry.


Not Abel
We’ve all been there. The barber makes a balls of your hair, shows you the back of it in a mirror and you meekly mutter “yeah, it’s great. Imagine being Abel Xavier then, who could probably fill a Top 10 of Worst Haircuts all by himself but the former Liverpool defender outdid himself with this one.


He’s Got A…
Mention worst footballers’ haircuts to someone of a certain vintage and an image of former Nottingham Forest striker Jason Lee will immediately spring to mind. He was tormented by Baddiel & Skinner’s Fantasy Football in the mid-90s, with his “pineapple on his head” hair style the source of constant ridicule on the show which led to the duo being blamed for ruining Lee’s career.

Going Loco
“Short back and sides please, oh and could you leave a fringe looking like I’ve stuck a few pipe-cleaners on my forehead?”. Who knows what Angola’s Manuel Loco was thinking when he plumped for this in the barber’s.


What a Balls-Up
Ever seen a bin man with a bin lorry shaved into his hair? A dentist with a molar design on his back of his noggin? No, and rightly so. Yet Brazilian Ratinho thought it’d be a good idea to get what looks like a football shaved into his head.


Javier Ever Seen The Like?
Javier Margas obviously thought he was signing for the Pink & Blues rather than the Claret & Blues when he signed for West Ham in 1998. It’s no surprise that he went AWOL shortly after sporting tho hairdo, legging it back to Chile and never playing for the Hammers again.


Looney Toon
Andy Carroll is often the figure of fun for his £35 million flop move to Liverpool and his constant injuries but surely more spotlight should be shone on his previous crimes against hair?